Ditto SMS Chat App for BlackBerry with 100 Free Copies

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Ditto Turns your BlackBerry into an SMS chat room by allowing you to text multiple people. The app also gives you control of identities and chat permissions of the participants. If you and your friends text message a lot, this app could be fun.

Ditto is available for purchase on App World and they are also offering BlackBerryCool readers 100 free copies.

To get your free copy, head over to hivemindtech.com/main/tryditto and use the coupon code bbcool777.

  • sayword
    This cool and dangerous at the same time. What if you create a group chat then forget to turn off ditto after the chat was done and you send something to someone in the group chat that you wanted only that person to see. Then others in the group chat will see what you've sent that was only intended for that one person. That would really suck!
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