FileScout Updated with TextEditor Improvements and Bug Fixes


The guys at emacberry update so often it’s hard to keep up, and recently they’ve updated FileScout to version 1.7.5. The latest version includes improvements for the TextEditor and some bug fixes. FileScout is a great file manager, and it’s one of those apps that makes you wonder why it isn’t native on the BlackBerry.

New to 1.7.5:

  • TextEditor: ‘Save as…’ allows to specify the encoding for the output file (the default ‘Save’ function will always save the file in UTF-8 - so if you like to use a different encoding in your result you now can use ‘Save as…’ from the #Menu.)
  • TextEditor/Viewer Options: Now you can specify additional custom encodings. This allows you to load a file (in the FileScout integrated TextEditor/Viewer) with a device dependent encoding (like ‘EUC-JP’, ‘Shift-JIS’ or ‘ISO-2022-JP’).

More information about FileScout in the BlackBerryCool Store.
A full changelog is available from emacberry.

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