iPhone OS 4 to Get All the Features BlackBerry Already Has


It’s rumored that Apple’s iPhone will get OS 4.0 tomorrow and there are a lot of rumors flying around about what it may include. It’s sort of funny to break down the feature set, as you immediately realize how far ahead BlackBerry is in terms of smartphone capabilities. Just so you know, the Apple even takes place tomorrow at 10AM PDT if you’d like to tune in.

Here are some rumored features with OS 4:

  • Multitasking: I’m running 3 third party apps as I write this. It would be cool to see an Exposé-style multitask screen, but I would be surprised if you can’t develop an app for BlackBerry that mimics this feature.
  • Homescreen Contacts: Apple might be implementing something like Iconify.
  • Advertising Service iAd: This will be a mobile advertising service that sounds a lot like the advertising APIs already announced by RIM. These were supposed to be launched right around now, but at least we know they’re coming.
  • Bluetooth/WiFi Printing Feature: Cortado already has a great cloud print service for BlackBerry.
  • Global Inbox: Oh right, it’s a pain to manage several email accounts on an iPhone. That must be really annoying.
  • An Improved UI: I have a new improved UI regularly; it’s called a theme.

It’s not that I don’t respect what Apple has done for the smartphone industry, it’s just that recently it seems people have lost sight of the fact that BlackBerry has been doing a lot of what Apple will announce for ages. RIM has been accused of keeping up with the Johnsons and tomorrow’s announcements will show they’re not as far behind in the consumer space as people would think.

The above features were discovered by AppleInsider.

  • http://caspan.com Caspan

    Also just in MobileAdmin's defense there is no longer an hourglass during boot like they had in 4.6 and below there is now a loading bar at the bottom ad that is for all 5.0 OS devices. So yes it's smart to group all devices by OS cause there is consistency in them so we can do that!

  • ljp

    Haha. You really stirred up the hornet's nest. Apple is brilliant at creating a GUI and consumer environment but it's a simple fact that the technical aspects of mobility is an area where they are playing catch-up. They have to exclude many features because they can't work it in with the demands of the radio stack in regards to battery life. RIM is ahead of Apple and others in certain areas because they feel that's what is important to their business model.
    The smartphone market has only begun to grow yet many need only one company to “win”. What other business in the world has only one dominant player? Why take it personally that someone might not like your platform of choice?

  • http://caspan.com Caspan

    What are you a politic? :)

  • Transonic

    TL;DR but seriously. you all need to understand that your blackberries are primitive when compared to the iPhone if not only for the fact of how slow they are, how small their screen is, their lack of nearly as many applications or their inability to do anything with 3D. Managing email on the device is a dream come true. Far better than RIMs feeble attempt at anything touch-based.

  • http://caspan.com Caspan

    Back up your statements with numbers! tell us the speed of your processor compared to our and if processing numbers are the same. Show us the screen size difference in pixels, show that BlackBerry does not do anything 3D. why is email so much better on your device then ours. Don’t just say iPhones better prove it and if you cannot then again your just reciting the same thing everyone else does. People like to talk but back it up with facts! If there are no facts then it's an opinion and it cannot be argued.

  • http://www.twitter.com/sikandaraftab Sikandar

    I wasn't talking about the boot but rather the hourglass showing up when running heavier applications or the web browser. When I say heavier application I mean anything above 1mb like Facebook. Sometimes it won't fail in the form of an hourglass, but in Facebook's example won't load a comment or a friend's photo, and I'll just accept it and close it. It's an experience filled with compromise.

    Also since this is all directly related to low app memory (the apps, the developer ecosystem, the overall UX), it matters mostly what device you run and whether it has 128mb (Bold 9000) or 256mb (Bold 9700, Curve 8900, etc..) rather than the OS. Upgrading to 5.0 doesn't solve the hourglass problem nor does it create it, not sure why MobileAdmin mentioned it.

  • http://caspan.com Caspan

    Just to prove a point to you if you do your research

    1. Processor speed
    620MHz ARM CPU

    BlackBerry Bold
    624 MHz

    Ouch sorry again you are wrong iPhone seems fast cause its only doing 1 thing at a time

    2. Screen Size


    BlackBerry Bold

    Wait let's compare “Apples to apples”
    BlackBerry Storm (have to use same type device to compare)

    Same size hummm there is another one of your statements that suck. But you say your screen is bigger well then let's go to the Storm1 or 2 that has a 480×360 screen wow you still lose sorry Apple and if you want to cry just wait for the next phone when we start getting VGA resolution on our device. Remember just because the screen is bigger does nt mean its better they are the same resolution meaning you can fit the same about of data on the screen. Larger screen just means more room to display it across.

    3. 3D rendering

    Well you might have use there but let me ask 1 question. As a BlackBerry user and huge user I don’t even know if we have 3D rendering on the device. So let me ask the obvios question of are you just reciting what you heard that it does not do it or do you actually know? If not keep quiet

    4. Email
    This is an opinion based you like what you like so I cannot tell you that your wrong.

    5. Phones suck

    I agree with you here RIM has tried but failed on its touch screen device. They work but they are not the best in the world. RIM is actually coming to the market with different ideas wich could fail, that is a lot more then I can say for Apple that has 1 model with different HDD sizes that looks exactly the same as the old model just newer hardware.

    So please do your fact checking before regurgitating what marketing has told you

  • http://caspan.com Caspan

    True the different devices have a varying difference in memory. A lot of slow down on the browser is caused by the carrier I find not the device, in my tests it is slow but not because of my device but Rogers network. And no changing OS will not solve that at all.

  • murphythadog

    We were a BlackBerry only shop for 6 years. Just this last year we've allowed WinMo/iPhone/Droid devices, they have decimated the BlackBerry count in a very short time. Why? Maybe coolness factor, maybe mind numbing apps, UI? I keep pulling people off of BES as they are turning to ActiveSync. Eventually our Exchange will be in the cloud and our IT department will be moving users to other devices as there is a monthly charge to have BlackBerry there. I won't say that RIM will go away but their market share in my office is quickly going down.

    To add insult to injury look at the post from Skyfire, they stopped development on BlackBerry and will focus on Droid. Like most app developers they are going for the quick easy buck.

  • http://caspan.com Caspan

    I agree coolness factor has a lot to do with it. 1 question though what does your company do? Just wait to see the crap hit the ceiling the first time someone losses their phone and you need to explain to the big wigs that someone else now has access to company data and emails that were on that device. It won't take long before your their tune changes and people will be put back on a proper business class device. If you company could care less about remote management on your phones they in my opinion not enterprise level and don’t require BES your just consumers in a workplace. BES is not just an email connector it's complete control of a device even though it is not in your hands. It’s the ability to upgrade applications with 1 click. Try doing that with your rats nest of phones or when the company find out the money they spend on management of these devices 1 by 1. It's so much more that people just don’t get because they have never really used it before.

    If all your company does is make tooth picks then you don’t need BES as much as the DoD does but still from the management aspect BES still wins out every time.

  • murphythadog

    No we still care but we keep gaining more and more control with Exchange 2007 and the soon will be moving to Exchange 2010. We can remote wipe all these devices using Exchange so I'm not sure what you're talking about there.

    We'll still support BlackBerry but most of our users are moving away from it.

  • http://caspan.com Caspan

    ActiveSync is getting better don't get me wrong and with 2010 coming out its even better than before. The problem still lies in management. There is no way to have 1 program that shows all your devices, OS levels, a dash board off all devices. BES is a 1 stop shop for everything and more but again if you don't use any of the features other than Sync and policy yes ActiveSync is a perfect substitute and is the same product until remote updates are required and you need to push software updates change VPN ip addresses in an application for corporate access. Its like using Static IP addresses VS DHCP you can have 1 server manages everything or you can go to each device when a change is needed. In a smaller company your fine but when you start talking 20-30+ devices that is a lot of wasted time in my opinion the company has to pay for.

  • http://caspan.com Caspan

    ActiveSync Features

    BES features

    Just looked these 2 up to show others the difference.

  • zip williams

    I guess I'm not supposed to say this (NDA and all) but OS 4 is MONSTER slow on the 3G. Everything comes to a creeping sloth's pace. I do mean EVERYTHING! SMS, mail, just going from sleep to camera takes about 30 seconds. Forget that spontaneous photo snapping. Maybe future iterations will improve, but it's crippled my 3G.

  • zip williams

    I guess I'm not supposed to say this (NDA and all) but OS 4 is MONSTER slow on the 3G. Everything comes to a creeping sloth's pace. I do mean EVERYTHING! SMS, mail, just going from sleep to camera takes about 30 seconds. Forget that spontaneous photo snapping. Maybe future iterations will improve, but it's crippled my 3G.

  • hj

    Yeah, yeah, look it up. They call it elecite.com and hedonedesign.com