This Day in BlackBerry: What Was Hot Today for the Past 5 Years Pt. 2


The BlackBerry 7270 launched in April of 2005

We are going on 5 web years here at BlackBerryCool which, in human years, is about 160. It’s interesting how history repeats itself and this is nowhere more apparent than on BBCool. Some articles that were written years ago, such as “BlackBerry Devices Finally Launch in China”, are still relevant in 2010. Other articles, such as “Blackberry Reaches 5 Million Subscriber Mark”, make you realize just how far we’ve come.

Check out below for articles from the past. Granted, they all don’t fall on exactly April 7th, as previous writers sometimes took a day off, but they’re all within a day or two. It’s incredible to see how far we’ve come (and haven’t).

April 2005

Official PR: Research In Motion Reports Fourth Quarter and Year-End Results for Fiscal 2005
Blackberry Competitors, SEVEN Networks To Merge With Smartner
Blackberry 7270 Now Available

April 2006

Weekend Contest ‘What Is RIM Launching Autumn 2006?’
Blackberry Devices to Finally Launch in China
Blackberry reaches 5 million subscriber mark
Leaked Blackberry 7130c Pictures

April 2007

SureType vs QWERTY – Which is faster?
CNet pits BlackBerry against BlackJack
Verizon 8830 Cyclone press shots surface
Idokorro launches upgraded BlackBerry viewer

April 2008

New version of Viigo for financiers
Sprint to update aging iDEN line?
BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 24

April 2009

(Rumor) Details about the upcoming BlackBerry Storm 2
Find what you need with a global search app for BlackBerry
Official Bell BlackBerry Storm 9530 OS update
Make your old Curve look like a brand new 8900

  • Caspan

    Happy almost Birthday BBC!

  • Caspan

    Happy almost Birthday BBC!