Leaked Pics of the BlackBerry Bold 9650 Emerge

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CB got the scoop on some great pics of the upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9650. The Bold 9650 is actually the Tour 9650, but RIM have made a marketing decision to call it a Bold series, probably to avoid a backlash from Tour customers who would resent an upgrade to their device so soon after they purchased. Also, the Bold branding carries a better reputation, and this will probably help boost sales. The Bold 9650 is running OS at the time of taking these pics.

  • YzeOne
    Either that guy has huge hands or that handset is tiny - one of the biggest drawbacks of the 9700 Bold was it was too small compared to the 9000 ( for 9000 users).
  • Hurry UP
    when the hell is it coming out? !
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