Follow Friday: BlackBerry News and Opinion from the Twittersphere

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Follow Friday has been going on for a long time and while most are bound to 140 characters, we have the benefit of a giant blog post of the week’s best BlackBerry Tweets.

I’m continually adding to my BlackBerry Community list, so feel free to comment your Twitter account if you want in.

@BBExaminer There’s a new BlackBerry rumor circulating the web. Anyone hear of the 9300?

@DonLuiG RIM To Acquire Harman QNX Software Unit for In Car Entertainment: I am not quite sure what to make of this latest…

@edwardog @kylemcinnes Oh, and thanks again for hanging out at the Blackberry thing. You guys are very dedicated. [@edwardog is talking about the Ottawa BlackBerry Developers Group. Be sure to check out Open Data Ottawa.]

@mikerlawson Make sure you Participate in Twitter program through BlackBerry Beta Zone. Don’t be left out! ;)

@shaunpcollins “80% of Fortune 100 companies use an iPhone … w/ the blessing of IT” is a misleading statement. That’s not enterprise acceptance.

@black_man_x Said it before, Rim needs to stop engineering n start innovating. Little fixes are nice but if no1 cares

@jlgosse That, and he said Pandora doesn’t use that much data…[talk about the iPhone OS 4 demo]

@jeffhunt00 No multitask for my iPhone 3G though … diss. :(

@BlackBerryBlog #BBM fans: u may have received an email claiming 2 b from RIM. The message is fake. We are on the case. Sorry for inconvenience! (BY)

@phikai Wait…did he just say every 3 minutes you spend in an app you’re going to have to watch an ad…he’s kidding right? [Again, about the iPhone OS 4 launch]

@ASacco Still no back cover shot. Gotta be “leather,” right? RT @videos4bb Photos of BlackBerry Bold 9650 Show Bold Branding

@matthiasj50 Blackberry App World #Fail

@frasercole BlackBerry sees iPhone shrink in rear view mirror • The Register

@smcoldBB Calling all testers.

@videos4bb Read the tagline. Since when was the world confined to the US?

@BlackBerry Many of you have asked how to send your location over BBM. Check out the user guide for the (cont)

@geraldang Shortcut keys while you’re viewing a #BlackBerry #email

@kasperapd Seriously…. Who would pay this much for an app???

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