RIM To Release BlackBerry Tablet Before Christmas 2010?


An electronic components company Hon Hai, let out a brief report saying “RIMM to Launch Own Tablet in Late 2010.” The report confirms that RIM has placed an order with the supplier for 8.9″ displays for use in a tablet. According to Hoovers.com, “Hon Hai Precision Industry may be the biggest electronics company you never heard of. The company, more commonly known by its trade name, Foxconn, is one of the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturers.”

When we last wrote about the idea of RIM releasing a BlackBerry tablet, the comments lit up with a lot of users against the idea. The general sentiment was that RIM needs to stop following in Apple’s footsteps, and innovate within their own field of expertise. Even Mike Lazaridis wasn’t keen on the idea of a tablet, saying he didn’t see the need considering the netbook was available.

At this point we can’t say if these displays are meant for a tablet, or some other project RIM is toying with. Would you buy a BlackBerry Tablet?

  • Guillermo

    i don't think so, maybe a touch bb storm2, actually i have a curve.

  • SK Suh

    As much as I like my new Bold 9700 — which just two days ago replaced a wonky Tour 9630 with a seized trackball — I'm not sure that a bad browser on a bigger screen will be RIM's iPad killer.

  • NobleRodhos

    Love the idea of a BlackBerry tablet… I just hope the webkit browser is released before this thing goes into production… it would suck to have that thing with the current browser, that is unless Bolt & Opera end up creating browers forthe “BerryPad”

  • http://blackberrycool.com/ Matt Cameron

    This reminds me a of when RIM went from pager-sized email device to full-screen email device. Back then mobile email was generally about a paragraph or so of text, making a full portrait screen a bit overkill for what the BlackBerry was designed to do. The new hardware format was a smashing success and is still very similar to the form factor we enjoy today.

    I think we might be scratching our heads now about the possibilities of a BlackBerry Tablet; but it'll all make sense when they release a tablet with a physical keypad at the bottom like the kindle (I'm guessing better than kindle). I've been using a paper clipboard for a few years now and it's the ideal format for brainstorming and quick entry around the office. If a BlackBerry tablet can do the same things for me but electronic, I'll welcome it with an open wallet.

  • http://twitter.com/marquardt24 Matthias Marquardt

    wasn't 1'st of April few days ago?

  • http://getfreshkid.com/ ThaWiz

    Apple's footsteps?? So we are now giving Apple credit for inventing the tablet?? smh at “general sentiment”

  • Rodrigo

    Yes, I want one.

  • Devils Advocate

    I don't want to see an innovative company like RIM chose to release a product just for the purpose of competing with Apple. Sure, Apple didn't create the tablet, but it's hard to argue that the iPad's release won't increase the demand for tablets in general. Let's hope RIM doesn't become a group of wannabes.

    On the flip side of the coin, though, I love me some Blackberry and would prefer to use a tablet made by RIM. A well designed one, of course and one that's all the flaws of the original Storm incarnation. Oh, and of course, they NEED to replace their browser first. WebKit, please?

  • http://twitter.com/bh_hig bh_hig

    Bah- I swear!, - IF they really do release a tablet BEFORE fixing their damn browser I'll short sell RIM more then I already do.

  • Arlington_real_estate_guy

    Hope they don't release it with the haste of Storm 1-a disaster. Storm 2 rocks though pretty well. But even iPad is having connectivity issues that people are scrambling to find work arounds for.

    Don't release a product blackberry till it's high quality!

  • http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/vendor/1111 Eric at Ebscer

    Even before reading the below article about QNX, the first thing that came to mind was an in car system (like Ford and Microsoft's Sync), which have though for a while the BB OS would be great for. That said 9 inches seems a bit big.

    Maybe some presentation/display thing? Following the comments and logic from Mike Lazaridis I would doubt that RIM would want to go against the iPad (even more because that has underwhelmed a bit)

  • StrokeOf12

    “That said 9 inches seems a bit big.”

    That depends on what you are talking about.

  • Tim

    nah i see no use for what i cant fit in my pocket that i haven't already got on my pc… RIM should be concentrating on improving content such as high quality games, applications and more improvements to be done on blackberry cell phone operating systems

  • http://www.morodogroup.com/ Duncan Leung

    I'm still wondering how a good keypad can be integrated into a tablet. I have this wonky image in my head of a small QWERTY slide-out keyboard like the Droid that will let users type with their thumbs; I told you it was a wonky image =)

  • shredney

    I made a comment a while back that I would love to see a netbook (BBPad will do) by RIM, that would be in constant communication with my Blackberry always backing me up and solving the issues of display size. I'll buy it in a minute.

  • shredney

    I made a comment a while back that I would love to see a netbook (BBPad will do) by RIM, that would be in constant communication with my Blackberry always backing me up and solving the issues of display size. I'll buy it in a minute.