YouSendIt Launch BlackBerry App for Tracking File Transfers


YouSendIt is a great service for sending large files. It’s a simple process of uploading to their servers and emailing your friends a link. For larger files, it can take a really long time to upload them, especially if you have a premium service and the files are very large.

YouSendIt now have a BlackBerry app for tracking the status of your file transfers. The app doesn’t seem to do much other than this, but if you use the service a lot it could be very useful. Features of the app include:

  • Access all files you have sent using YouSendIt.
  • Forward files you have sent or received using YouSendIt.
  • See how many times your files were downloaded, who downloaded them, and when it was downloaded.
  • Free premium file tracking.

Download the BlackBerry app from

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