Widality’s 10 Point Plan for Success Selling a BlackBerry App


Here is a 10 Point Plan for Success for anyone wanting to enter the crazy chaotic app market, especially those wanting to build a B2B service, which is exponentially harder than building the next trendy gimmick app.

You can download the full white paper released by my company Widality in PDF form.

1. When designing the product/service, figure out who the target demographic is, what they are looking for, where the app will be placed within an app store, and what the competition for similar users looks like. Understanding the target users intricately dictates the approach for all of the next 9 points.

2. Keep it standalone to begin with; every interdependency with other systems reduces the potential audience, slows down the time to ROI, and dramatically increases support efforts.

3. Incorporate a service element into the offering if at all possible, because having a service presents opportunities for recurring revenue, tracking and metrics, and better customer engagement and retention.

4. Design the app with user experience in mind, via a high quality User Interface and by making the app as simple as possible to get up and running and to use on a daily basis.

5. Choose the name carefully, bearing in mind how it will appear on app stores, it’s hard to change it afterwards! Also, if you can’t fully describe the app within 100 words, nobody else will get it either. The value proposition has to be crystal clear in the description.

6. Ensure you have maximum flexibility in business models so that you can quickly test out what works and change on the fly. Experiment with many to find the golden nugget.

7. Fully leverage the “free shop window” of the app store, however don’t rely on app stores to achieve your goals. Set up a direct-to-user service via your website and use web 2.0 / Google / viral marketing to get the word out.

8. Once the solution is of an acceptable baseline quality (and not a moment sooner!) get it out there, get early adopters, get feedback, and spend 3 months fine tuning the solution.

9. Spend 50% of the management’s time engaging with customers, both from a sales and support perspective, they will tell you everything you need to know, and more.

10. Obsessively Monitor and Measure Metrics, and use them to Morph the business constantly.