SmrtGuard Updates With SmrtSecurity Anti-SPAM and Anti-Virus

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SmrtGuard have released SmrtSecurity in version 2.24 of their product. SmrtSecurity includes Anti-SPAM and Anti-Virus features. With Anti-SPAM, users can block unwanted calls and emails. With SmrtGuard’s reliable backup technology, the Blacklist of unwanted email and phone numbers are backed up so you don’t have to restart when switching devices. With their latest anti-virus features, you can fully protect your device from spyware. The latest version also includes some improvements and bug fixes, making this a must-download.

To download, point your browser to

  • Jono
    This reads like an ad. Did BlackBerryCool even review this application?
  • This is by no means a review, it's an announcement. The reason it's so positive is because I've tried SmrtGuard and it's a great product. This new feature builds on that great product.

    That's not to say it's perfect, and if this was a review, I would definitely point out all it's pro's and con's.
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