WES 2010: Wireless Leadership Awards Finalists Announced

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The Wireless Leadership Awards are presented to those who have deployed innovative BlackBerry solutions to help employees network, drive cost savings or significantly help their customers.

Private Sector

Lenel Systems International, Inc, a division of UTC Fire & Security – Lenel Mobile Monitoring allows security personnel to receive real-time incident notifications and details when an alarm goes off.
Pikolin - Pikolin sell Serta sleep products and they have mobilized their entire delivery system through BlackBerry.
RIGID - RIGID deployed an effective BlackBerry-based CRM system for their sales reps.

Public Sector

Baltimore Police Department - Over 2,000 officers will use a BlackBerry solution called Side Partner, which will run warrants, check license plates and review mugshots.
HealthSouth - Deployed a mobile CRM solution to 1,000-person marketing team.
State of Florida Department of Children and Families - Florida are using a Remote Data Capture solution which uses the camera and GPS capabilities of a BlackBerry to date-stamp photos and record field notes directly into the state’s child welfare system.

Business Impact

Dell - Dell is using the BlackBerry MVS to help reduce their telecom costs. I wonder if they’ll upgrade to MVS 5?
Portsmouth Hospitals - Using a digital pen from DevelopIQ and a BlackBerry, users complete in 80-page booklet in less than half the time it took to complete before.
Xerox - Xerox developed integration for Wireless Integration for Next Generation Systems (WINGS) on BlackBerrys for dispatching and service call management for their 5,500 Customer Service Engineers.

Finalists will be announced at the General Session on Wednesday April 28th at WES 2010.

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