Video of the Upcoming BlackBerry 6 OS and New UI


BlackBerry have now made public the BlackBerry 6 video that Mike Lazaridis demoed to analysts yesterday. The video gives us a little taste of what to expect from the UI, and it seems like there are some big improvements to the overall navigation experience. It seems OS 6 isn’t necessarily going to be a fresh OS in the way we think it will be, but rather something closer to a theme on steroids. With a WebKit engine powering the browser, and a smoother UI, BlackBerry 6 is sure to be a hit with the consumer market. Definitely something we’re looking forward to.

  • Billy

    Yup. A theme on steroids … but I see lots of new goodies as well!

    Global searching
    Calendar update
    Multi-tab browser … new browser in general :)
    Native Social Network feeds and Instant Messaging tied to the contact
    Native RSS Feeds
    Pinch to zoom - multi-touch
    Cover flow
    You Tube
    Improved HTML email
    on and on and on …

    Plus … new keyboard, sliding menus, action pop-ups, shortcuts ..

    Sadly .. not much of the browser was really shown and still waiting to see new hardware. Looks fast and responsive … but who knows…

    Hopefully, they release faster than the typical RIM schedule.

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