WES 2010 Wireless Leadership Awards Announced

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Wednesday’s general session started off with the WES 2010 Wireless Leadership Awards: celebrating excellence and innovation in wireless and mobility. In this showcase of software and deployments, RIM showcases the most innovative solutions across the different sectors.


Innovation in the Public Sector – State of Florida Department of Children and Families for their remote data capture app.

The app allows caseworkers to enter data and track visits quickly and easily. An hour of extra desk work is bypassed by using the mobile app. The application allows caseworkers to focus on the visit rather than worry about the details of the data entry. Database access allows for quick accuracy checks, which is of upmost importance when dealing with child welfare.

Innovation in the Private Sector – Rigid 360 for their mobile CRM application (customer Relations Management).

Before the new application, 10% of sales reps used the old software solution. Now over 90% of their sales force relies on Rigid 360 daily. Utilizing data entry, database access, contact management, reports, and GPS make this sales app indispensable for their sales force. Rigid 360 is regarded as a super app.

Business Impact – Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust for their midwife database and user management software.

Portsmouth hospitals NHS trust has developed midwife software that uses PaperIQ Digital Pens to seamlessly update lengthy forms filled out on paper. This application also sports mobile database access and makes it easy to update lots of info during a midwife visit. The software helps in every aspect of midwifery including, pre-natal updates, post-natal care and uses the GPS to track assets and react to emergencies quickly.

There are a few common factors that the award winners share. They all make full use of the BlackBerry to free users from their desks. They all use GPS asset tracking for advanced management from head office and for quicker reaction time during emergency situations.

It’s good to see the BlackBerry platform handling databases in a secure and mobile fashion. BlackBerry smartphones updating databases increases database relevance be reducing delays in entering new information. Mobile access reduces reaction time and the need to update from the desktop, often hours after recording the information.

Congratulations to the winners, not only have they vastly improved the way they operate, but sharing how they did it can help others hoping to reap the advantages of the modern mobile office.

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