Rogers “Next is Now” Demonstrates Rapid Tech Growth and Canadian Adoption


Did you know about 41% of Canadians are on Facebook? That’s a pretty incredible penetration level. Not only is Canada adopting communication technologies at a fast pace, but the entire world is becoming increasingly connected.

At a recent shareholders meeting called Next is Now, Rogers released a video that was produced with support from 76design and Thornley Fallis. The video also features music by Canadian artists Young Galaxy. The video does a great job of summarizing some of the milestones we’re passing with communication technologies, so definitely give it a watch.

  • Matt Cameron

    This reminds me of those “did you know” videos except with a Canadian angle. I can tell you that Canadians have little cultural fears with new technology. I read articles talking about the fears of social networking state-side. In contrast Canadian mainstream media reports about how awesome facebook and twitter for socializing, events, and causes.

    To me the difference is in critical mass. A large percentage of Canadians use social networks to connect with friends and family, and as a result there's a lot more peer pressure to be on the Social Networking grid, even Baby Boomers have a surprising rate of use.