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[Audio] WES 2010: RIM VP of Handheld Software Product Management


Click here to listen to three RIM VPs talking about devices, OS 5 and BlackBerry 6.

I got a chance to learn more about RIM’s new smartphone offerings in a WES session. Three of RIM’s experts were in attendance: Andrew Bocking, Product Marketing Engineer, Carlo Chiarello, Director of Product Management, and David Smith, Director of Product Management. The group went into details about the new devices and their accompanying accessories. I’ve posted the audio, which is a good listen if you’re interested in learning more about the major announcements, and I’ll follow up with more shortly.

Topics include (in chronological order):

  • New device overview
  • Device product lines overview (how the new devices fit into the entire device lineup)
  • New chargers and accessories
  • OS 5 overview (which Bocking called “BlackBerry 5”)
  • BlackBerry 6 (lots of small details about the user interface and design philosophy)
  • The WebKit Browser

Appcelerator’s Titanium Platform Now Accepting Beta Applications


Appcelerator is a cross-platform application development company and they’ve recently announced beta support for BlackBerry. Web developers already use Appcelerator’s Titanium platform to create rich native mobile apps for other smartphones including iPhone and Android, as well as desktop apps across PC, Mac and Linux, using familiar HTML and CSS.

According to an Appcelerator March 2010 survey, developer interest in creating applications for BlackBerry grew two-fold to 43%. In another earlier Appcelerator January 2010 survey, developers indicated increasing interest in building enterprise-type applications, such as business and productivity apps.

For more information about Appcelerator’s Titanium platform, visit their site and register for the beta. The application deadline is May 21. Beta software will be available on June 1st.

Perfecto Mobile Offers Free Mobile Testing Package for Developer Challenge


Perfecto Mobile will be offering free remote testing hours and special discounted prices to developers participating in the BlackBerry Partners Fund Super Apps Developer Challenge. Perfecto Mobile offer remote access and automated testing solutions with their Perfecto Mobile Handset Cloud service.

Developers who submit their mobile applications to the Super Apps Developer Challenge will receive five free hours to use the Perfecto Mobile Handset Cloud service. Additional testing hours for BlackBerry are offered for special discounted prices. In addition, winners of the Super Apps Developer Challenge will receive up to 100 free hours as prizes from Perfecto Mobile.

More information about the BlackBerry Partners Fund Super App Challenge available here.
To sign-up and receive the special Super Apps Developer Challenge Offer and for further information visit Perfecto Mobile’s site.

WES 2010 Day 2 Impressions: What WES Is All About


This is my first WES conference and I’m still in the process of understanding what it’s all about. A lot of the people here, nearly everybody, are dealing with the medium / large businesses. For example, the T-Mobile booth was focusing not on devices, but on their international presence as well as the small business teams they have. Its the same with AT&T and Verizon, where they don’t talk about which phone, as the phone models themselves aren’t important, but about how they sell services to help you mobilize.

WES 2010 makes it very clear to enterprise that what’s important is how to organize, “securitize”, and reduce cost on your business, and how the BlackBerry solution is the best. There are hints and talks of Android, iPhone, and WinMo (though very little on poor Windows) being part of the conversation here, but everybody realizes that the model of the phone itself doesn’t matter. What’s important is the back end. On that note, everybody loves the BES solution. I’ve met with a couple of people from a healthcare group last night at the big party when Beoudin Soundclash was playing, and they were at WES to shop around to find a software solution to integrate in their 3500 BlackBerry setup. They currently use a few web apps, but they were here to see if some of the companies here had a better program to use inside their network.
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Free Italian Language Learning App LearnItalian From S4BB


S4BB have released a free app to help you learn Italian. The app has more than 400 self-contained audio lessons to pick from. Choose the lessons that suit your level and interests to build on your knowledge of Italian and your growing confidence with the language. All of the audio lessons are easy to understand, and since it’s mobile, you can study whenever it’s convenient.

Check out S4BB’s free LearnItalian app.

BlackBerry Partners Fund Announces Developer Challenge 2010


Today, the BlackBerry Partners Fund announced the 2010 Developer Challenge. In addition to focusing on “Super Apps” that take advantage of the unique capabilities of the BlackBerry platform, this year’s challenge is a bit different from those held in the two years prior.

Here is a quick breakdown of this year’s Developer Challenge:

  • Total prize package is valued at over US$1.5 Million;
  • The Challenge is the first to recognize BlackBerry smartphone apps on a regional basis across four global regions;
  • Both newly developed and existing applications can be entered into the Challenge;
  • Applications will be judged in seven distinct categories, based on quality, user experiences and how effectively they incorporate “Super App” characteristics;
  • Challenge will reward the BlackBerry developer community at many levels to benefit more developers than ever before;
  • Finalists will receive unique prizes to support their development on the BlackBerry platform and to help them achieve commercial success;
  • Up to 400 Regional Selections will receive a free BlackBerry smartphone;
  • Up to 28 Regional Semi-Finalists will each receive prize packages worth over USD$16,000;
  • Up to 12 Regional Finalists will each receive prize packages valued at almost USD$35,000;
  • Up to four Regional Winners will each receive a prize pack valued at USD$85,000;

Entries can be submitted starting today and will be accepted until September 6, 2010.