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WorldMate Partners with American Express Business Travel


WorldMate have announced they are teaming up with American Express Business Travel to add WorldMate’s mobile technology to their overall mobile platform for clients. WorldMate’s travel planning application will complement Amex’s current mobile offering for customers on BlackBerry. Now American Express Business Travel users will be have access to:

• Automatic itinerary synchronization
• Pop-up flight alerts accompanied by suggested alternative flights when necessary
• Calendar synchronization to add business meetings into the itinerary
• Sharing of itineraries with colleagues and business contacts
• Itinerary integration with third party mapping and navigation application
• Social networking tools allowing travelers to locate and connect with colleagues
• One-click access to American Express Business travel counselors

American Express Business Travel is currently piloting the program with clients and the full commercial rollout is planned for later this year.

Poynt Updated with Support for Pearl 3G, VZ Navigator 5.0 and Telmap


Multiplied Media, the developers of Poynt, have announced that they have updated Poynt to version with some new features and support for the 9100 and 9105. Poynt is a really solid app that I would definitely classify as a “Super App” and it now features:

  • Compatibility with VZ Navigator v5.0.
  • Integration with Telmap for navigation in all European countries.
  • GPS and battery life combination enhanced features.
  • BlackBerry 9100 and 9105 ready.

The compatibility with mapping and navigation software is a great step for Poynt, as you’ll now be able to discover venues and find them with ease.

For more information and to download Poynt, check them out in App World.

More Leaked Pics of the BlackBerry Clamshell 9670 and BlackBerry Atlas 8980


We’re starting to see more pictures of the upcoming BlackBerry 9670 clamshell, and the BlackBerry Atlas 8980. We know the 9670 has a 5 megapixel camera, but that doesn’t deter from the fact that it might be the ugliest BlackBerry ever produced. It’s fat and looks like it would be very awkward in your pocket. We have been hearing about the Atlas as well, previously known as the 8910, and rumored to be heading to China. This device looks much nicer than the fat blob sitting beside it, and it’s definitely a slick looking modern smartphone. Too bad the 8980 doesn’t have some of that BlackBerry 6 goodness. More pictures after the jump.
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Video of the Upcoming BlackBerry 6 OS and New UI


BlackBerry have now made public the BlackBerry 6 video that Mike Lazaridis demoed to analysts yesterday. The video gives us a little taste of what to expect from the UI, and it seems like there are some big improvements to the overall navigation experience. It seems OS 6 isn’t necessarily going to be a fresh OS in the way we think it will be, but rather something closer to a theme on steroids. With a WebKit engine powering the browser, and a smoother UI, BlackBerry 6 is sure to be a hit with the consumer market. Definitely something we’re looking forward to.

WES 2010: Day 1 Impressions: 9650, 9100, MVS 5 and BlackBerry 6


The first day of WES started with an early morning press meeting. RIM announced a couple of new devices as well as the new MVS system. Later in the day Mike Lazaridis gave a talk, which sounded like a state of the union address to BlackBerry nation. It was clear in short order what the big talking points of the conference would be: The two sleek and powerful new BlackBerry smartphones, MVS 5.0, BlackBerry 6, The QNX acquisition and the much anticipated Webkit browser.

The Pearl 3G is sleek and colorful device. What used to be categorized as an entry-level device is now a small form-factor powerhouse. After seeing it in the flesh, it’s obvious the 9100 will become a top selling smartphone.
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Reminder: Made Simple Learning Spring Sale Expires April 30th


Made Simple Learning provide reference books for BlackBerry and they cover a wide range of devices. They’re currently running a spring sale where all e-books and video are 25% off. This deal expires April 30th, 2010, so if you’re in the market for a reference book for your BlackBerry, you should take advantage soon.

To take advantage of the deal, use the coupon code “AE86090889” at the bottom of the product purchase page.