BlackBerry Apps for Expecting Moms: BirthBerry and KickBerry


BabyBerry Apps is a site for apps for moms-to-be. Currently, the site features 2 apps: BirthBerry and KickBerry.

BirthBerry is a contraction timer app that will time your contractions with just a click. The app will calculate all the stats you need to know how labor is progressing. Plus, BirthBerry can automatically notify your doctor, family and friends to keep everyone up-to-date about the progress of your labor. When your baby arrives, you can send a birth announcement (with picture) right from the app.

KickBerry counts your baby’s movements, by getting you to click and increase the count each time you feel a kick. Every time you feel your baby kick, click any key to increase the count. KickBerry keeps track of how long it takes you to get to 10 movements. KickBerry also lets you know when you’ve passed the one-hour and two-hour marks.

These apps should definitely be in App World but the developers are going to have to change the name because we all know that apps that end in “Berry” violate the App World branding rules. Hopefully they get this changed and submit the apps pronto.

BirthBerry is available for $4.99 from BabyBerry Apps.
KickBerry is a free download until Labour Day so grab it while it’s hot!

  • Caspan

    Nice to see software like this out for the BlackBerry

  • marybethattelenav

    Interesting concept - I'll give it a try and let you know how it works.

  • bb9000maniac

    Thanks for the news article, it prompted me to see what else was available as my partner is due next month. Bascially many online Internet website versions which are pretty much pointless as your not gona be at your pc everytime the contractions start….. so for us cool blackberrians… either Birthberry at $4.99 from the above link or Contraction Calc at $2.99 at - Both are pretty much similar with each one with the odd extra option but the core stuff is the same… I went for the $2.99 as its cheaper by $2 and it works fine. Apps are getting expensive as its so addictive to keep buying other apps each week so price is important for me.

  • Robin Biduk

    Thanks for posting this! I've seen iPhone apps like this (Contraction Master) EVERYWHERE, but none for my BlackBerry. BirthBerry looks awesome! Based on the previous comment I looked at both apps, and I disagree with the poster. BirthBerry is clearly better. The layout was much clearer (love the summaries), and I loved the automatic notifications. I had a few false alarms when my daughter was born, so it will be nice to keep my hubby in the loop while my contractions are going on.

    Anyway, due next week! Wish me luck!