App World Recommendations for Wedding Season

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RIM sent along their App World recommendations for the wedding season which includes apps such as Total Fitness, Cocktails To Go, KAYAK and Frugalytics. Leave it to RIM to leave out the most important wedding app available - PleasureBerry Turbo! We’ve got their app recommendations after the jump.

Fit and Healthy for the Big Day

Need some motivation? Total Fitness offers the complete package for only $4.99 which gets you a personal trainer and nutritionist! Stay on top of your goals with advanced graphs for exercise and nutritional tracking.

Bridal Party, Bachelor/Bachelorette Fun

Make that Maid-of-Honor invite memorable – send a bouquet asking her for the honor. Use 1-800-Flowers to instantly choose and deliver something unique and special (FREE).

Connect the bridal group with BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) – it makes organizing, updating and planning so easy! BBM allows you to send out a group invite or update and create a group event on everyone’s calendar (FREE).

With Cocktails To Go, become the resident mixologist during the festivities and parties leading up to the big day. You’ll have instant access to recipes for a wide range of drinks along with all the info on ingredients, pouring and mixing directions to serve the perfect martini or cocktail – even down to which glassware to use ($3.99).

Reception Tunes

Browse the latest charts, preview the latest tracks and put together your wedding playlist for the big day. With 7digital, you can purchase, download and keep track of music to share with your band or DJ and create a musical keepsake for after the big day (FREE).

Game Time

For a fun wedding-themed game, try Wedding Dash. Featuring the hilarious ups and downs of wedding day drama, Wedding Dash will make light of what can be a stressful event ($4.99).

Save Some Dough

Weddings are expensive for everyone involved. So when searching for invitations or wedding party gifts, use Frugalytics to comparison shop anytime and make sure you’re getting the best price (FREE).

Vow Time!

Can’t find the right words to express how you feel? With the Wedding Vows app, not only can you browse through vows, but you can edit and customize them as well as create your own. ($2.99)

Planning the Honeymoon

To get the best deal for your honeymoon, use the KAYAK app and find airfares and hotel prices quickly. You can book online with the airline or hotel site of your choice, or you can simply press a button and your BlackBerry will call and you can talk to someone directly (FREE).

No need to wait to share pictures of the big day. Did you know that you can upload pics directly from your BlackBerry to Facebook and Twitter? Whether it’s bachelor party revelry or the bride walking down the aisle, you can capture the moment with your camera and share it with everyone instantly.

Editor Note: Its a real shame that we’re seeing a lot of old applications in this list. Ideally, this list would be filled with fresh apps but instead it’s a list of apps we have written about upwards of over a year ago.

  • Frugalytics

    Thanks for the mention of Frugalytics! We've got a big update coming soon…

  • rugbydragon

    “Get me to the church, get me to the church on time”. Punctuality is so important for Groom, wedding party and guests. Prompt, the punctuality app, has exciting new services coming soon.

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