Fixmo Tools Updated with Meeting Scheduler, Speedtest and More

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Fixmo Tools is a single app that is comprised of many smaller utility apps. Described as a utility belt for your smartphone, Fixmo Tools has a wide range of utilities to help your smartphone be even smarter.

Previously, the app featured the ability to:

  • Undelete emails, PIN messages, calendar events, tasks and memos.
  • Warn you of potentially embarassing email mistakes such as Reply All when you didn’t mean to.
  • Go into silent mode during scheduled events.
  • Check memory and battery status.
  • Forward emails with the ability to edit.

In version 1.1, you now have the ability to:

  • Easily arrange a meeting by automatically selecting available times on your calendar and inserting them into an email.
  • Measure the download and upload speeds of your network.
  • Set a different LED color for phone calls so you can easily distinguish them from other message alerts.
  • Enable radio support when your battery level is very low.

Fixmo Tools is available for $9.99 until May 6th, after which it goes up to $19.99.

  • Janice

    This sounds handy but I think appointment booking software's are much better to use if you really want your appointment's to be well organized

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