More Leaked Pics of the BlackBerry Slider and Clamshell


More Leaked pictures have surfaced of pre-production BlackBerry Smartphones. The clamshell and slider form-factors depicted in the less than perfect pics are experiments in the more popular consumer phones.

The leaked pics show what looks like a BlackBerry 6 home screen. The memory one device sports makes me think you’ll need a 2010 BlackBerry to run BlackBerry 6.

What does everyone think of the new OS and some of the new Shapes of BlackBerry?

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  • mphewitt911

    I like! Was planning on a new one. We are a bit behind here!

  • Mark

    The slider almost has an HTC look to it. As a former iphone user, I'd love a bigger touchscreen blackberry (on Rogers in canada, so the storm doesn't count!!)

  • Matt Cameron

    I personally love all the different flavors of consumer BlackBerrys. The Pearl 3G, the T9-style Pearl 3G, the flip, the clamshell, and the slider could band together and take a bite out of feature phone market share.

  • davidinLA

    RIM Can't produce a decent touch screen phone. I have a Storm 2 with a depressed left corner that i have exchanged already. RIM should focus more on the quality of its phones.

  • greecetour

    Awesome look.