Pageonce Personal Assistant Goes 3.0 with Calendar Integration and More


Pageonce Personal Assistant is an app that lets you aggregate personal account data from multiple financial institutions, utilities and more, and presents you with alerts so you can better manage your finances and avoid fees. The app has recently gone version 3.0 with calendar integration, performance improvements and a new user interface.

Here is a quick breakdown of the 3.0 update:

  • Calendar Integration - Integration with your calendar, all upcoming events, including bill due dates and upcoming itineraries will automatically be added to the calendar.
  • Super Fast - The application is running in the background and as a result is now super fast, over 1000% performance improvement from previous versions.
  • Enhanced Notification system - This feature was already introduced in version 2.5 and now has enhanced capabilities with more alerts, such as APR change to your credit card and more. Also, all alerts are shown aggregated in a new alert tab.
  • Improved user interface - More readable account information screens and ability to refresh all accounts at once (refresh all available only for the premium version).

Check out Pageonce’s Personal Assistant 3.0 in App World.

  • yellowxboy

    i downloaded the new 3.0 and have not seen any calendar integration of any sort. but then again, when 2.5 came out, the talked about 'push notification' but it never worked until a few weeks ago.

  • athensgreecehotels

    Very Good and helpful feature . Thanks for sharing .

  • pageonce

    Events will start to showing in your calendar when new events occur (i.e. new bill introduced in one of your accounts) and not for past event.
    If you encounter any problem - don't hesitate contacting Pageonce at

  • sean

    Pageonce is already a great application. The 3.0 update makes even more faster and more efficient. This is real cool upgrade.

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  • virtual assistant

    I would say that a very smart feature by blackberry, a must have for all the gadget lovers..:)