Launch Apps Faster and More Conveniently with ShortcutMe


ShortcutMe is a QuickLaunch style app that lets you set shortcut keys for apps on your BlackBerry. A walkthrough of the application is available from this YouTube clip. The app has recently been updated to version 3.10 with the following features:

  • Launch ShortcutMe with Space key If you are in the BlackBerry Home Screen and no other app is assigned to launch with Space key.
  • Multi-Space-Key Click feature From BlackBerry Home Screen just double, triple and quadruple Space key to launch your most used apps.
  • Nicer look with background images.
  • Download new background images from
  • Background image rotation instead of always having the same background image.
  • Multi-click apps view allows you to view if you click any of the multi-click keys 5 times.
  • Test-Run button when you create/edit a shortcut.

More information about ShortcutMe available in our store.