Review: Rove Mobile Admin 5.1 Professional

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We have written about Rove’s Mobile Admin product several times on BlackBerryCool and while the feature set and demo is impressive, we haven’t seen many in-depth reviews of the software. Mobile Admin 5.1 is the latest version of the software, allowing secure mobile access for IT admins so they can investigate and resolve IT incidents from their BlackBerry.

Andrew Garcia of eWeek took Mobile Admin 5.1 Professional for a test run, and found it “provides an excellent way for data center administrators to monitor and troubleshoot server and application issues from their mobile device, granting administrators better control and faster response times when they are out of the office.” Andrew did find a few instances where the software could be improved, which is important in any well-rounded review.

Check out Andrew’s review of Mobile Admin 5.1 Professional at eWeek.

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