• dennis

    eh.. downloaded it, registered and tried locating my location.. it kept saying i was somewhere in Germany when i'm in the USA. deleted

  • cnectd(",)

    Hey Dennis….we are using an open source cell tower database to ID your location. I have noticed that unfortunately its not 100% and some towers are mislabeled. We have a GPS fail-over in the system, but it does take some time to fix a location! I hope you would consider giving it another try at some point! Thanks, cnectd(“,)

  • http://blackberrycool.com/ Matt Cameron

    I always thought that BBM would be a selling point for RIM because of platform exclusivity. I'm glad there are good 3rd party developers that are bringing these important messaging features to everyone regardless of platform.

  • cnectd(

    Thanks Matt!! Appreciate the comment man:)

    New versions coming soon….

  • braaaaaaandon

    Is there a way i can log-out from the app on iPhone? it's a good app; but i need to log in-to my friends account