What’s New in BlackBerry App World This Week?


Each week there are a lot of apps submitted to App World and I thought I would give a quick breakdown of what’s available this week. I’m avoiding themes in this roundup because they tend to clutter the app list, and many of them simply aren’t worth downloading. Check after the jump for what’s new in App World.

Street Craps

Play Craps by the rules of the streets, with a chance to make it big or lose your shirt. Lay your cash down and become the King of Street Craps. Once the dice are in your hand, shake the phone to begin your roll.

Jewish Hospital – St. Mary’s Healthcare

The Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s Healthcare BlackBerry application is designed to help you connect with Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s Healthcare related news, locations, services, events and the Jewish Physician Group network.

Reuters Insider

Imagine having your own personal multimedia channel that knew exactly what’s important to you; that delivers the news, insight and analysis you care about, 24/7; no matter where you are.

5 Minute Clinical Consult (5MCC)

The #1 selling handheld version of 5MCC since 1994! Whether you need to confirm critical diagnostic criteria prior to treatment, or are trying to choose the best medical or surgical approach for a particular patient, Skyscape’s 5-Minute Clinical Consult can help.

Cycling Log

Helps you to track your workouts and cycling logs on a calendar. Record your workouts and rest days with this application, and see your history and trends on the visual calendar and summary.

Tesco Clubcard

The Tesco Clubcard App can only be used on the customer facing scanners where a till operator is present, this does not include Tesco Express or Petrol Filling Stations or at self serve and basket tills.

Photo Email Backup

Do you have a huge email in-box? Use it as your Photo Backup. Every photo you take on your BlackBerry will get emailed to you or any email address you define using “Photo Email Backup”. Install it, configure it and forget it.

Bedside Photo Frame

Bedside Photo Frame will turn your BlackBerry into a photo frame just by plugging in your power charger. There are three ways you can launch this application: Charger Mode, Launch Mode and Data Cable Charge Mode.

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  • http://blackberrycool.com/ Matt Cameron

    The bedside photo frame sounds like a great idea!

  • jay

    this is a great feature… you should do it weekly… themes in App world have horribly cluttered the experience to find what is new. nice job!

  • John

    I found the Harden's UK restaurant app to be quite useful and well put together.