BerryWeather 2.2 Upgrade Now Available for 50% Off


Today is a very decent day for deals on BlackBerry software. BerryWeather by Bellshare, a best selling weather app for BlackBerry, is currently at version 2.2 with some highly requested features. The latest version of the app includes the ability to see the current weather conditions as a wallpaper on your homescreen, as well as a variety of other features. To update the app, it previously cost $3.99, but now you can upgrade for only $1.99. To make sure this deal works for the maximum number of customers, MobiHand and Berryshare have implemented an automatic verification system that provides this discount to you, no matter where you purchased your current version.

Grab your copy of BerryWeather 2.2 and check out the best-selling weather app.

  • Scott

    Yah as long as you can find your order number, it's not an automatic verification as much as it is, plug in all the info you might have needed anyway, so that's not exactly true; as I can't find my order number, I can't participate in this upgrade offer

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