Gwabbit for BlackBerry Updated with FlashBack Feature

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Gwabbit has announced a free upgrade for both their Premium and Free versions that includes a new feature called “Flashback.” Flashback places a note in your inbox to remind you that you haven’t added a contact to your address book. When you open the note, a gwabbit alert is shown that allows you to click and save the contact as usual. When you save contacts, you’ll find an item in your inbox, marked with the gwabbit wabbit. This keeps you informed of the contacts you added to your address book. Also, a gwabbit counter at the top of the screen shows the number of unopened/unsaved contacts detected by gwabbit, similar to the counter for unopened emails or SMS messages.

Personally, I think users should avoid the free version of gwabbit, as it has a very aggressive marketing tool built-in that tells users their contact information has been added by gwabbit.

To download gwabbit or upgrade, visit App World.

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