Official OS for the Bold 9700 from T-Mobile


There have been a lot of leaked OS updates lately but it’s always best to grab the official OS updates as they’ve been through carrier quality assurance. T-Mobile have released OS for the Bold 9700, which tends to get the lion’s share of the OS updates these days. If you haven’t updated your device, now seems like a good time to do so.

Download the official OS from T-Mobile.

  • Mary Beth - TeleNav

    Great! Thanks for the update. Downloading it now…

  • Tinto

    This is great, but do not have a T-Mobile number to trigger the D/L, is there any other way around?

  • Chris

    8520. Where the heck is it? Why does every device I get from RIM get shafted when something shinier comes around? I'm about done with this beta crap without a keyboard lock.

  • meggo

    T-Mobile Germany already offers OS if I don't get anything wrong……

  • Gadgets Insolites

    There is a wide list of mobile phones that this company offers to its customers. … If you don’t have the GPRS feature on your cellphone chances are that you might be missing important e-mails when out of office or when …