Review: Boeing Bomber! by 123Berry for BlackBerry

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The object of Boeing Bomber! is to bomb an entire skyline so that you may land safely atop rubble. It’s a one button game so when the center of your Boeing bomber is directly atop the tallest of the quazi-futuristic condos, click to release a bomb. There is no room for error and you must always bomb the tallest building or you will crash into it on your next pass.

The Game plays like a Commodore 64 game and builds zen-like patience in the early stages because of the slow speed of your plane. Later levels can be quite challenging and exhilarating because completing a stage causes your bomber to travel faster and faster. The trickiest part to every level is when the next-tallest building is on the very left. You’ll only have an instant to drop a bomb and you should be ready when the plane is almost done its last pass.

This game is fun but on a “past level 3″ kind of basis, and takes a few easy warmup rounds in order to get there. The main menu splash screen could have received more attention and I prefer plain text to an ill-conceived splash screen. Also, nine levels of gameplay is decent but for a simple game such as this, I would have expected something closer to 100.

I like one button games but this one could use some work. I Bomber by 123Berry 2.5 stars out of 5.


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