Diabetes and Health Tracker for BlackBerry with iRecordit


We’ve had several users comment/write-in inquiring about a good diabetes app and recently iRecordit has launched their BlackBerry app for tracking blood sugar. iRecordit asks the user to input certain data about their blood sugar and general health, and allows the user access to the visual representation of that data on their BlackBerry or via email to their PC or health care provider. This visual representation allows you to have a daily view of your glucose levels.

What’s missing from apps such as iRecordit is Bluetooth integration with an insulin monitor. I would like to see iRecordit partner with some large healthcare institutions to bring this sort of functionality because automating and avoiding data input will make this app even better and more effective.

Head over to iRecordit.net from your BlackBerry browser or desktop to get a free OTA trial of iRecordit.

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  • http://www.myglucohealth.net D Fitzhugh

    This is a nice App and I like the free trial. The only problem is that it doesn't upload blood test readings directly from your meter. I just started using Myglucohealth and the meter syncs with my Pearl easily to upload reading using bluetooth. You can put in weight, medications and exercise data as well as view test results. The App isn't as elegant as some, but it's free. I don't know why you can't download it from the Blackberry store.

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    seems a good complement to weight loss apps

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    Now we just need an attachment that can test the blood…

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    Alright, I’m convinced. I think I should get a Blackberry. No wonder the company setup an Enterprise Server and worked on some licensing of CALs for the employees using smartphones. I remember a colleague saying that he can access his work email inbox anywhere. Since then, I’ve been looking for some stuff about the Blackberry. When I saw this app, I went “Okay. It has a health app. I’m getting it.” LOL

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  • aimoid

    What is seriously needed for the blackberry is a decent Carb counter and preferably an app that can provide this alongside a meal calculator and or a suggested insulin dose.. Can they PLEASE get something like Carbs and Cals?!!! There seems to be a total black hole of anything good quality on the Blackberry – most search results make it look as if Blackberry dont really imagine they have diabetic consumers. Perhaps they have unfortunately, with the best will in the world, not been able to commit to anything other than Iphone for the much more successful diabetics apps such as Carbs and Cals, On Track, DAFNE Online..  

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    Are there any apps like these for android phones, etc? Just gave up the bb..

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