Will Rogers’ Handset Protection Guarantee Program Blend?

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A little while ago Rogers announced its Handset Guarantee Program. Today, the program has officially launched and Rogers got Tom Dickson of BlendTec’s “Will it Blend?” to introduce the new service.

We have all had a lost or stolen device at some point and this new program will allow users to get a speedy repair or replacement if the device is within the manufacturer’s warranty period. Alternatively if your device is out of the warranty period by time or broken, Rogers can assess the problem and provide a quote for repair (to be completed in 10 days with a courtesy phone). The aim of the program is to have a new device ready for pickup in 3-5 business days or less. You can also choose a replacement device in exchange for another 12 months on contract.

More information available from the Rogers RedBoard blog or Rogers.com/protection.

  • DavidB
    TWO WEEKS for a replacement handset? That's a ridiculous ETERNITY in this day and ago of overnight shipping.
  • Caspan
    That was worse then Kyle and Rob's weekly show... LOL JK guys
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