WICKSoft Introduces Enterprise Calendar Sharing With MoreCalendars


WICKSoft is a veteran company in the world of 3rd party BlackBerry apps. The company has been around for 4 years now, and has become the leader in SharePoint and Exchange integration on the BlackBerry.

Recently, WICKSoft launched a very powerful and exciting new calendar sharing solution, WICKSoft MoreCalendars, that is going to make some big waves in both the public and private sectors.

Traditionally, the BlackBerry has focused on personal information— PIM. Yet many organizations, using Microsoft Exchange or SharePoint, often share access to things like calendars.

Let’s look at two examples, which many of us can relate to - delegate calendars, and shared calendars:

  • Delegates are when one person has access to another person’s calendar and is something built in to Outlook on the desktop. For instance, an executive assistant might have delegate access to an executive’s calendar so that they could check for availability and sometimes even schedule appointments on behalf of the executive.
  • Shared, public, and group calendars. This could be something like a tradeshow schedule, a project planning calendar, a corporate events calendar, or even just the schedule for a meeting room in the company. Shared calendars are something also supported by Outlook, usually called Public calendars, and also by SharePoint.

While the personal calendar remains the primary thing for a BlackBerry user, there hasn’t really been an answer for someone who needs access to the more collaborative and shared stuff. That is until now.

WICKSoft’s MoreCalendars addresses both of the above scenarios and gives BlackBerry users an easy and intuitive way to get at all of the calendars in their organization.


WICKSoft MoreCalendars allows the BlackBerry user to check availability, schedule new meetings, edit existing meetings and everything else you would expect to do. Exchange or SharePoint – it doesn’t matter.

The interface looks and feels just like the native BlackBerry calendar. If you were to select a calendar, say your boss’, and add a new appointment, it would appear immediately in Outlook and, if he had a BlackBerry, would show up on his BlackBerry too. Assuming you have access to your bosses calendar, of course.

WICKSoft MoreCalendars can also display a few extra things that the BB calendar does not:

  • Meeting attendee status.
  • Meeting category (color coded for easy visualization).
  • Attachments.

As an added bonus, WICKSoft MoreContacts does the same job but for contacts. It lets you call and email users located in the GAL, shared contact lists in Exchange, and in SharePoint. It works directly from the BlackBerry phone, email, or address book.

It’s incredibly easy to use. Just start typing anything you know about the contact – company, first name, last name, etc. and WICKSoft will find it.


In terms of security, WICKSoft’s MoreCalendars is very straightforward. If the BlackBerry user doesn’t have access to the calendar from their desktop, then they won’t be able to access it through WICKSoft. If a user only has ‘read’ access to a calendar then that’s all they’ll get from WICKSoft.

On top of that WICKSoft employs an added layer of security (patent pending) that augments what is already provided by the BlackBerry and Microsoft. With WICKSoft an organization can block access to anything, or anyone ensuring that sensitive information can stay that way.


In the best of worlds sharing calendars between different users can be a complicated process as every organization is different. Despite this, WICKSoft has created a few tools that streamline the entire process, no matter the need or requirement of the organization.

For example, to help IT so that they don’t have to preconfigure anything, WICKSoft gives you a really easy way to find someone else’s calendar. Just click ‘Add calendar’ and type in the person’s name. WICKSoft will automatically go out and find the calendar for you. End users can work with exactly what they want, how they want.

With WICKSoft, IT gets an added way of managing who has access to what. In this way IT can ‘pre-configure’ calendars for the different users and groups who will be using WICKSoft. There’s also a middle-of-the-road approach, where IT can also let end users do it themselves by allowing the mobile users to browse their SharePoint and Exchange environments and click on any calendar to open it.


Deployment of WICKSoft MoreCalendars is easy. The software works in almost any environment, whether it be SharePoint, Exchange, BES, or BIS. WICKSoft even supports hosted environments. All the organization has to do is install the WICKSoft server (it can go anywhere; on a standalone machine, on BES, on Exchange) and deploy the WICKSoft client to the BlackBerry.


For anyone who uses SharePoint, delegate calendars, or shared calendars in Exchange, WICKSoft MoreCalendars is a must have. Its interface is intuitive and user-friendly, while the back-end provides enough flexibility to let organizations deploy it exactly how they want to.

For information on pricing and to contact someone at WICKSoft, see their site.

Here is a screenshot walkthrough of what you can expect with MoreCalendars:

From the BlackBerry desktop, open the BlackBerry calendar

WICKSoft adds an ‘Open MoreCalendars’ option to the BB calendar.

‘Open MoreCalendars’ lets you choose which calendar you want to open.

This shows the month view of a calendar

This is the week view

This is the day view

This is viewing an appointment

This is editing an appointment

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    We are using WICKSoft to access our Exchange Public folders for about a half a year now on our new BlackBerries. It is a great program, and they have an outstanding technical support.

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