Third Party BlackBerry Browser uZard for the Bold 9000


Currently, there are a couple of third party browsers for BlackBerry including BOLT and Opera Mini. They are decent alternatives to the native browser, which everyone knows will be getting an update with the next generation of devices. The latest 3rd party browser on the market is uZard by Logicplant. The browser is currently only available for the Bold 9000, but the app will work on several devices.

The updated BlackBerry browser is going to ship with OS 6, which we’ve heard won’t be available for many older devices. Even though third party browsers are seriously limited in how they can integrate with the device, they will serve as a decent alternative for those devices that won’t be getting an OS 6 and new browser upgrade.

Check out uZard for the BlackBerry Bold 9000 and let us know what you think.

  • Phreqd

    Works great on my 9000. Pages I’ve tried load quick and I use the number pad to scroll around. I like that you can scroll diagonally.

  • han

    nice =))

  • BlackBerry Developer


    So how to download the app and test it on my phone. I hope it's going to support HTML 5 too.

  • Patrick

    My native browser is fantastic, it is way better than the Windows browser i was using in my WinMo.
    I would love the new OS but i have an 8520 so I wont be getting the upgrade :(