BlackBerry Beta Zone Launches Feedback Tool

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The BlackBerry Beta Zone now has a feedback tool app that currently allows you to send feedback about the homescreen and “general feedback”. There isn’t much here but I’m sure after some time RIM will update the app to include more features and the ability to send feedback about more specific issues such as 1st party apps and hardware. The app seems to be modeled after RIM’s internal feedback tool, which allows RIM employees to send feedback about devices that aren’t yet out to market.

Hopefully RIM collects a lot of feedback from this application and they speed up their response time for common frustrations.

Also, for those who downloaded the app already, remember that there is no icon for this application. The feedback app appears at the top of the menu.

Register for the Beta Zone at

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    It's not just for Home screen!
    The Feedback Tool app is actually accesseble from all and any window you happen to have open at the time. For example, if you happen to be reading an email or playing music, you would be able to launch the app and it will automatically detect the window you are on and allow you to choose between General or that specific window (say Email) for your feedback.

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