Review: New York Rollercoaster Rush by Digital Chocolate


New York Rollercoaster Rush is a two-button game from Digital Chocolate. In the game, your grandfather is an amusement park tycoon and you have to ride all of his 99 rollercoasters in order for you to be considered worthy enough to operate the fun family business. NY Rollercoaster Rush is the latest installment in Digital Chocolate’s popular rollercoaster series of games.

As with all Digital Chocolate games, the gameplay and controls are refreshingly simple. Before riding you get to examine the rollercoaster plans and take note of some of the major drops and loop-the-loops.

You control how fast the cars are going by pressing forward or back. You score big points for going fast, but if you make the ride too bumpy or land on the track too hard of an angle you risk derailing and failing the course. A small collision will cause you to loose a car, loose all the cars or the round will be over.

Bonuses are the key to getting really high scores. The bonus multiplier goes up the longer you can maintain your speed. If you slow down too much or make too hard of a landing the bonus multiplier resets back to zero.

The first time playing the game through you’ll be unlocking all the tracks and learning the fundamentals of the game. Your 2nd pass should be much more challenging because you’re playing against your old scores in an attempt to beat them.

New York Rollercoaster Rush has 99 tracks, 3 locations that can be played in day or night modes, and hotseat multiplayer for up to 4 players. Hotseat multiplayer, is simply taking turns trying to beat each others’ score on the same track.

I found this game to be lots of fun, ideal for that 5 minute distraction. The 99 tracks means they’ll be no shortage of discovery gameplay, while hotseat multiplayer and ghost car modes make this game something you can keep on your for a good long while. I give this game 4.5 stars out of 5.

Buy New York Rollercoaster Rush for $6.99.

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