Rumor: BlackBerry 9700 Hardware Relaunched as 9700a for OS 6

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About a week ago we told users on our Facebook page about a rumor that the 9700 won’t be getting an OS 6 upgrade, and that RIM will be launching an updated device with more memory. A UAProf document exists on RIM’s servers confirming this new device, and there is a rumor about the device having 512MB of RAM, which is the same as the 9650 and the amount of RAM we’re predicting will be required for an OS 6 upgrade. Of course, with OS 6 comes the new WebKit browser and rumor has it that the 9700a will also have a 5MP camera.

While OS 6 does look cool, it’s a shame to think that the 9700, Storm2 and everything pre-9650 won’t be getting the upgrade. Looks like these devices will be stuck trying to imitate OS 6 with a theme.

  • Rick

    There are some of us who are concerned less with what OS6 looks like than what OS6 is capable of doing.

    That said, its a shame that RIM has yet to come up with a means of using a portion of an older Berry's micro S/D card as virtual memory cache for its newst OS. As I recall, Microsoft integrated that capability nearly 20 years ago in Windows 3.1

  • Chris

    Well, I'll be damned to think that my 7 month old phone should be obsolete according to RIM. I fought long and hard for them. I always stood up for them when people bashed their shortcomings. I am off to better things come October. OS 6.0 is not worth spending the money on another phone.

  • StreetMeatSteve

    This. If all they are seriously going to give it is an extra 256mb of memory so it can run 6.0, RIM should give it to existing 9700 owners for free.

    It's bullshit.

  • Eric at Ebscer

    It's not bullshit. You already got what you paid for. RIM is allowed to go ahead and put new products on the market.

    Double the memory, add 802.11n and late fall is about the right time for the 9710 to be released…

  • StreetMeatSteve

    802.11n? That's a laugh.

    They're JUST getting around to putting b/g in their phones. You think this is gonna get n, and make it worth upgrading for? Let me have what you're smoking…

  • Eric at Ebscer

    You apparently have not clue what you are talking about. The blackberry has had b/g since the 8820 came out way back in 2007, and on both of the previous versions of the Bold. Additionally RIM is already including n on some of their other new models. In fact I would be shocked if this didn't have it.

  • StreetMeatSteve

    Really? The Storm 1, Tour, 8300 Series, Pearl Series, etc, etc.

    I guess I should have said “ALL their phones” to make you feel better.

    The only “new model” that has N is the 9100. There has been no mention of it in the 9800 Slider or the hideous-ness that is the 9670 Flip.

  • Kyle McInnes

    It seems BlackBerry is moving towards a 1 year product life cycle. This is pretty short but not too crazy. I'm sure a lot of users replace their device after a year. $500 a year for a new device isn't so terrible.

    The iPhone seems to be setting the standard for consumer smartphones and they've determined 2 years to be the cutoff date. OS 4 won't fully support the iPhone 3G and maybe RIM should take a similar stance and support 2 year old devices.

  • Kyle McInnes

    I want to know how much it costs for them to increase the memory for these devices. If 512MB is the OS 6 cutoff, don't upgrade just to 512. Upgrade to 1GB. Better yet, upgrade to 100GB. I'm not sure what the cost structure is for memory and what that translates to for an SRP, but it would surely future-proof the device to OS 8.

  • Kyle McInnes

    I agree! Definitely less interested in how it looks. From all the marketing materials and leaks we've seen, it seems like OS 6 is more like a theme on steroids than something that will add features to the device.

  • Kyle McInnes

    I agree! Definitely less interested in how it looks. From all the marketing materials and leaks we've seen, it seems like OS 6 is more like a theme on steroids than something that will add features to the device.

  • Louis

    Think about it though, the pearl 3G was JUST released and it has only 256mb, the upcoming 93XX has only 256 MB, you think they would create these phones knowing they won't get blackberry 6? If in not mistaken, the pearl 3G was introduced at the same time as Blackberry 6 at the developers conference, That would just boggle the mind.

  • lipbalm

    The Pearl 3g will have 802.11n. The idea that an updated Bold wouldn't have it seems improbable. One doesn't have to smoke anything to pay attention to facts and trends and then make intelligent guesses about product releases.

  • Rstory21

    Damn stright. I really didn't want to upgrade my last phone due to all the things I do on it. Now I finaly do upgrade the thing and there saying sorry its obsolete what the hell. For spending that type of money on a cell phone to be told it can't handle the upgrade its sad. Hell window's had been even better to the customers which is sad.

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