Apple WWDC Takeaways from a BlackBerry User Perspective


Today, Steve Jobs presented his State of the Apple keynote address at WWDC. The event began with some interesting data regarding the platform, and culminated in the launch of the iPhone 4. As usual, the event was generally well put together, with only a minor hiccup in the demo process because according to the organizers, 570 WiFi base stations in the room kills connectivity.

In the introduction phase of the keynote, Jobs pointed out some interesting statistics about their App Store. There are currently 225,000 apps, with 15k apps submitted every week, in 30 different languages and 95% are approved within 7 days. In order to address the media’s attention over those apps which are not approved, Jobs pointed out that apps that are not approved are for the following three reasons:

1. It doesn’t function as advertised.
2. The developer uses private APIs.
3. They crash.

According to Jobs, “I just wanted to give you the facts — sometimes when you read some of these articles, you may think other stuff is going on.” The above may be true, but generally the buzz around unapproved apps has to do with Apple’s fear of an app competing with a first party service and their insistence on a G-rated application. Just last week, Apple cross the five billion downloads mark with App Store. With 70% of this revenue going to developers, it was only a few days ago that Apple generated a billion dollars for developers. This is a truly amazing feat.

BlackBerry App World has a long way to go before it can start boasting some of the numbers that Apple has. Some of the major problems is that the average consumer still doesn’t see the BlackBerry as a smartphone capable of running applications. The BlackBerry brand is still viewed as an email device, and it’s going to take some time before we start seeing the type of games, apps and user experience that drives word-of-mouth and results in the average consumer understanding the BlackBerry’s true potential.

In terms of general market share, RIM is doing a great job, and it was awesome to see the company in the number 1 spot on a big slide at an Apple event. According to Nielson, RIM is in first with 35%, iPhone in second with 28%, Windows Mobile in 3rd with 19% and Android in 4th with 9%. Something you have to wonder about is the growth rates. Both Apple and Android have some pretty astounding growth rates, and while RIM is doing a great job of expanding internationally with their carrier partners, the growth rates for the other two smartphones is very significant.

The new iPhone 4 does look very nice. At 9.3mm, the iPhone 4 is incredibly thin compared to the BlackBerry Bold 9700 which is 14mm. The major hardware features include a front-facing camera, microSIM, camera with LED flash, headset, and a second mic for noise cancellation. The device also utilizes a cool feature where the stainless steel band that is around the device serves as an integrated antenna. The device seems very sturdy with a stainless steel frame, but you have to wonder about the glass front and back. There are countless iPhones on the market right now with broken screens, and there didn’t seem to be any mention at WWDC about addressing this issue. One thing BlackBerry users really appreciate is that these devices can take a hit. A BlackBerry’s case may dent but it can be dropped numerous times with no real damage done.

One of the most talked about features at WWDC was the iPhone 4’s retina display. Retina display dramatically increases pixel density to 4 times the iPhone 3Gs. This is important for Apple as it’s fast becoming a mobile gaming and entertainment device. An iPhone 4 user gets 326px per inch and an 800:1 contrast ratio.

Other features mentioned include the A4 processor, microSIM and a much improved battery. It’s hard to say if the marketing materials are accurate, and we’ll only know once this device is on the market and stress tests have been performed. Apple is boasting 7 hours talk time, 300 standby hours, 40 hours of music, 10 hours of video, 10 hours browsing WiFi and 6 hours browsing 3G. Compared to the RIM’s most battery efficient device, the BlackBerry Bold 9700, this is advertised as slightly better. The Bold 9700’s music playback, as tested by BlackBerryCool, was 39 hours. In terms of standby, RIM advertises the Bold at 504 hours, much longer than the iPhone 4. Talk time on the 9700 is billed at 6 hours, 1 hour less than the iPhone 4. Overall, it looks like these two are close, but what’s strange is the the newer Bold, the 9650, does far worse with only 312 hours standby and 18 hours music playback. Why is RIM going backwards?

There are a couple of new hardware features that are going to allow developers to make new and more compelling apps, something RIM really needs to implement. The only new hardware feature we have seen from RIM is a trackpad, but this doesn’t give developers anything new to play with. The iPhone 4 features an integrated gyro, accelerometer, and GPS for 6-axis motion sensing. This is going to make for some pretty awesome games, but not necessarily anything new in the productivity sphere. The front-facing camera, on the other hand, has some incredible implications for apps even outside of the native FaceTime. I’m really interested to see if Apple opens the platform to developers to make video conferencing applications. Skype will be especially great if they take advantage of this new hardware.

Something that was really apparent at WWDC is the fact that increasingly, Apple is moving towards 1st party application development. Both FaceTime and iMovie were developed by Apple, and they’re even charging $4.99 for iMovie. While we at BlackBerryCool have never agreed with RIM’s insistence on developing so many applications internally, they at least make them free for everyone to use. The fact that Apple are charging for iMovie is a little petty and it shows they don’t have faith in the software to significantly improve the product. If iMovie made the iPhone better and would result in more hardware sales, they would have built it as part of the OS. Also, now that Apple are earning revenue on the iMovie application, will they allow developers to create their own video editing suite and sell it on iTunes? What about featuring the product? Apple might want to feature their product more in iTunes in order to boost sales. Either way, Apple are moving more into software development for their own products, which sends the wrong message to developers.

Even though there was a lot mentioned at WWDC that I think is incredible and great for the smartphone industry, the device is still stuck in a touchscreen world. The iPhone is very much an entertainment tool, that is more like a PSP than a PDA. This is great for the average consumer, but I still think anyone serious about productivity, phones that are truly “smart” and improving the quality of life through applications, needs something closer to a BlackBerry. The QWERTY keyboard is still a killer feature for BlackBerry but their users need to see something new and innovative and less of the same old trackpad and small memory.

So what do you think? Anything you saw at WWDC you would like to see from RIM? Are you going to buy an iPhone 4?

Live WWDC coverage provided by GDGT.

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    The blackberry bold is no 6cm thick.

  • Mike Ipad and 9700 user

    we all know he meant the other dimension which is 13mm. Give the guy a break

  • Graham Gooch

    Hmmm, i read through your entire report and I find it pretty sad. I'm a 4 year blackberry user. And i can't tell you how many times the thing crashes, hangs up “java error”. When an existing contact calls from a phone # that is not in the database. I've to jump to hoops to get it added to the contact. The new bold 9700 ( i got it on day1) had buggy caller id, ii'd to edit 2000 over 5 months before caller id was corrected. Who designs s/w like that. How about the worthless music player. I have to go Menu > quit, Menu >quit > menu quit to exit hte music player. How about not being able to customize or create keyboard shortcuts for applicatoion menus.

    But most importantly, we just had a huge security failure at my company. An employees bb was stolen. The thief managed to keep the phone from locking (before timeout) and turned off the radio. we were unable to kill the damn phone. So now some serious company data is out in the wild.

    Let's face it, BB had it's day, it's increasingly starting to look like a Old man, wearing a toupee and heading into a young bar to hit on girls. It may work, but it sure is ugly.

    BTW, I still use a BB 9700, it only because of Tmobile's UMA, i can use my phone in our europe and Asia offices. If it werent' for UMA, i'd have dumped this already.

  • JennyS

    Wow! Wake up RIM. They should have swallowed their pride and intergrated Palms WEBOS and made a new system, They will be killed with Android or the Sony Ericson phones. The only thing that is keeping BB alive is the email and bb messenger. I have a bold and a 9700 and feel like a fool playing brick breaker when everyone has all the apps they can imagine at the app store x2. When this contract is over I will have to take a serious look at what is going on.

  • Eric at Ebscer

    I am surprised that apple went thicker… It's not their style, but really should not be an issue for anyone (and probably how the phone's battery life got extended)…

    The front facing camera is neat, and something all of us knew was coming for a few years now. I wish RIM would have realized this as well. That said, I don't think that it is anything that I would personally ever use…

    The new screen resolution is exactly double the width and height, which makes things pretty easy on the developers. I hope RIM takes the same approach…

    Asking money for iMovie seems odd. There is really little that you would want to do in terms of video editing on the device itself. Beyond splicing, transitions, and a little pan and zoom there is nothing else that would really be practical to do with a touch screen. Of all the apps to charge for this seems like an unexpected choice.

    The iPhone 4 sdk is available for download already. Would be nice if BlackBerry tools were released in advance like that…

    How is WinMo still at 18 percent? They have done nothing for years now, and where a poor choice to begin with. I really don't think that iPhone will ever catch BlackBerry, Android is far more likely to catch up…

  • shellehs

    yeah, cant agree any more! RIM is old, not just older

  • Donny

    LMAO! So it was the corporate user that LEFT his/her phone unlocked ~ thus when stolen (noticed you didn't mention HOW) ~ allowing data to be available.
    Some Questions:
    - Whats the default screen timeout and lockout allowable by IT Policy when device was stolen? If more than 30seconds then your BES Admin is at fault! Or your IT Management is for not fully implementing security.
    - How would a thief be at fault – for keeping the device unlocked by playing with it continuously while running around so that the radio can be turned off?
    - Was the data on the BB Encrypted via Group/IT Policy implementation on the BES? (the large industry I work for implemented this months ago and I applaud our BES Admin for pushing this to be implemented).

    So yeah when you go around saying security flaw of BB's which have NEVER been hacked for data after being locked or unlocked for a local implementation (Emails/PIM are NOT saved on MicroSD and are NOT shuttled over via USB – without BBDM). If the device is encrypted then backup/restore cannot be used without being connected to the BES.

    I say its your corporate security policy's or lack there OF for being at fault.
    RULE 1 – do NOT allow end users to change password timeout function by extending it.
    RULE 2 – ReRead Rule #1.
    RULE 3 – Rethink RULE #1 and think just how sensitive your corporate data is and tighten up RULE #1.
    RULE 4 – when OTA Wipe cannot be successfully deployed; the BES Admin should contact RIM to have all data limited via PIN & SMS PUSH to be implemented by provider so a new PW is sent to the device; and when activated only the wipe goes through.

    I'm not even certified fully but from experience working as a junior BES during day/night shifts and training a team of astute colleagues I've learned this VERY quickly.

    You wanna go with iPhone … go ahead & enjoy. Just don't cry when its stolen WITH password LOCKED and somebody can get ALL your data with the latest Linux.

  • Donny

    If you want to GAME then GET an iPod Touch/PSP/GameBoy when mobile. I really think a LOT of users purchase a smartphone via word of mouth and NOT know HOW it really suits them.

    BTW, Sony Ericsson phones are made up of 60% OSE ~ in house feature phone, 10% WinMobile (X1 & X2 which already is showing build quality issues; not HTC's fault anymore is it SE), and 30% Android which is going to be their MAIN focus. IT was a survival tactic by SE and Motorola because management couldn't do anything right in BOTH companies hence the shift early 2009 in BOTH. Do you realize Android is a proprietary mix of Java & linux undercore?! And you're complaining about Java.
    Palm's WEB OS was poo and too late to save it. ONLY HP can do something with it due to varying hardware platform & device breadth.

    IPhone is a great phone – it doesn't appeal to most users and to those that don't care too much for PIM (or more than an SE OSE feature phone) then all the more power to them.

    To be honest I feel RIM should NOT be trying to compete with Apple with regards to AppWorld vs AppStore .. but entice unique Apps/Games that suit the platform users – intelligent apps, money generating apps, global landscape/adventure apps to embrace further learning exploration … THEN when the API's and devices that fully can handle what OpenGL ES 2.1 can offer … THEN go head to head.

    Again its about the quality of the apps … to me using a duplicate 4 PIM apps to better Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Alarms is asinine in a smartphone … especially if no greater benefit is truly gained without allowing for a local sync that is cohesive with the core OS' PIM. Yes this is my gripe with Google Enhanced Plugin for BB – I'll not use it for Contacts again unless its fixed.

  • BB9700

    I'd love to see the next BlackBerry Bold 9xxx with:
    1. Multiband GSM (works on BOTH AT&T and T-Mo), make it a true WORLD phone
    2. UMA
    3. A front-facing camera for video conference chats and BBM that works on both cellular, UMA/WiFi
    4. 802.11N
    5. Please stop scrimping on the onboard RAM for the OS, what about 1GB of RAM
    6. Keep that nice Bold series keyboard.

    Thank you RIM.

  • Shahzoor Ali

    I dont know how you blamed the caller ID and went through all contacts and edit them You should have fixed the Smart Dialing option i guess.

    Java error? No program if perfectly written, keep looking for OS upgrades.

    And about closing the apps, thank RIM for that “multi-tasking” that iPhone gonna introduce in their iPhone 4 ! I was shocked when I found out iPhone cant Multi-task.

  • Mortimer N. Cobblepop

    The BlackBerry 9700 is 60 mm thick? 2.4″ Really? Try 60 mm wide. It's 14 mm thick.

    Reminds me of my physics teacher who banned calculators, so kids like Kyle would have to think about the reasonableness of the numbers they were getting.

  • blackberryman

    The US Smartphone Market share is a funny one….

    RIM, iPhone, Windows, Android and Other – should read by brand as follows:

    Windows Mobile

    I think they left out BlackBerry and Google on purpose as they are easily more recognisable than RIM and Android.

    Atleast they admit it that BlackBerry is king :) though….

  • djam


    i've got a bold 9700 for calling, emailing, calendar, bbm…all I need daily. With BB, you don't have surprises, it's neat, functional, PROFESSIONAL !

    on the other hand, i have the ipod touch 1g for what apple offers best : apps & it's sweet and smooth touchy screen, that you can't find on any phone (still I haven't tried them all…but friends told me the htc desire offers great touch feeling…)
    even if i think 90% of them apps are useless, it's still a great “toy”

    rim should not try to compete with apple : not the same purpose, not the same utility, not quite the same business

    don't think I'll ever get any iPhone, really don't like having a Phone & a Toy on the same machine :-), but probably will go for a new iPod touch

    if I do change my phone one day, it'll go for an android OS phone…I'm so Google ! and the google sync app for BB is for me one of the best

    RIM, please for Xmas :-p
    - front camera
    - a bit larger screen
    - keep the keyboard
    - more Ram
    - don't care much about bb apps
    and if one day you do this : Wifi Modem ! (but I doubt that)… I'll never ever leave RIM ;-)
    With that functionnality, my BB + iPod Touch…well I'm in heaven !

  • Aamir Barry

    I was a die hard BB user but no more
    Lot of my people in my family and friends have switched to iphone or Android. Dont be happy to see the RIM current share. Check it next year. Apple will be atleast 30% ahead of RIM

    BlackBerry is dying and it needs new blood. It cannot survive with the current architecture

  • Aamir Barry

    Very true Graham

  • adam

    Love how he called it an entertainment tool, like it can't do anything else. The thing is pretty much a computer. If you ever need to use vpn or access an ftp or show a presentation, the iphone is hands down the better tool for that. The only advantage to the blackberry is the keyboard for faster typing, and it's really not that much faster once you use a iphone keyboard for a bit and get used to it.

  • Kyle McInnes

    Back when we wrote the article “BlackBerry feature requests: what do you want to see?”

    The article requests a front facing camera. This was about a year ago. Now Apple has implemented it and RIM is still has same hardware features (albeit a trackpad).

    A front facing camera would be great for business. It would revolutionize conference calling in enterprise.

  • Kyle McInnes

    Ha thanks. Updated…

  • Kyle McInnes

    Agreed. Not necessarily the fault of the BlackBerry, but the BES admin. Also, the situation described would apply to any smartphone.

  • Kyle McInnes

    The front facing camera is neat for sure. I bet the new video chat service, FaceTime, is going to be iPhone's BBM. In fact, I've heard many carriers say that one of the reasons they sell so many BlackBerrys is because BBM has created a social network that only other BlackBerry users can join, and once you're in, you can't leave. Rogers once called it “the number 1 customer retention tool”. It seems Apple has taken a page from RIM's book, and has implemented this sort of customer retention tool for themselves. Imagine the number of customers who will buy the iPhone now just for that feature. Entire families are going to pick it up so they can stay in touch with other family members, view the grandchildren etc. Game changer for sure.

  • Kyle McInnes

    I agree that it's about the quality of the apps, but can we honestly say the quality of BlackBerry apps is anything worth talking about? I can name about 10 apps for BlackBerry that I would consider “high quality”. Also, how many high quality apps are available for BlackBerry that aren't available for any other smartphone or have an equivalent that is equally high quality or better? I'm very hard-pressed to think of a single one. They definitely exist at the enterprise level, but not really at the consumer level.

    Got any recommendations?

  • Louis

    Agreed, But I think you will see 3rd party developers get into the act like skype, Qik (out already for android) and even google vchat (already have desktop client) make mobile video tools that will go across platform. That will eliminate the brand exclusivity that BBM enjoys. Granted there are gchat, yahoo messenger, etc. but they've been around forever and dont seem to impact BBM's use or even seem all that popular.

  • Derek

    It's barely an argument anymore, I have a 3GS and a Storm2. The only thing the storm2 does better is receive email. Trust me, the novelty of that is fading fast. Unless RIM does something actually amazing with the blackberry we will watch their market segment shrink at a relentless pace until the only people with blackberries are the ones who are forced to have them by economic or geographical restrictions. OS6 will not make my storm faster, and i will have already enjoyed the iPhone4 for 6 months. FIX IT. It must be extremely difficult or else it would have been done, otherwise you would think that RIM wanted to go bankrupt. Ask people with both, which one is more enjoyable and easier to use. The answer is obvious.

  • Caspan

    It's nice to see a BlackBerry view to the WWDC. I can honestly say I like the iPhone I really do. A lot of my friends have one and I play with them all the time. If you were lucky enough to see my posts on the “BlackBerry Cool Untethered” videos you can see me holding an iPad in Canada way before they were released with a smile and a thumb up.

    Apple should not worry about being RIM and Vise Versa. It is a pointless argument. Each was designed for a different purpose in mind. They may cross over each other in some respects, but again if you want to play games then get an iPhone. If you are serious about security then get a BlackBerry.

    The complaints of one or the other are normally because of a one off device problem. I cant help people that don't ask for help. If we do not know there is a problem then how can we fix it. I have been running a BlackBerry for over 7 years now and I get the occasional blip or glitch but what device dose not have the same problem.

    You cant even pry my BlackBerry out of my dead cold hands because I am being buried with mine.

    My BlackBerry
    It works, it's secure, you're damn right it's not an iPhone!
    (not that there's anything wrong with that)

  • Graham Gooch

    You must be a system admin. Ever worked in sales/business development? There were pictures of a electric propulsion system on the SD card mate! Snap, email, collaborate, thats how real work gets done. If we were all sys admins, then who'd actually sell and design stuff? The fact is RIM needs to change. I realize Sys admins love BB (job security) but until Windows NT came along, i remember how Unix Admins had job security too.

  • Geoff

    That 35% share would seriously drop if the iPhone was also available on Sprint / Verizon in the US. Their AT&T exclusivity is only helping RIM and Android based devices.

  • Caspan

    1. You have to protect your data. If you have a SD card then no matter what security you put on the phone is useless unless you encrypt the data. I understand there has to be a balance between security and usability, but you can't blame the phone for that balance! If you lost an I phone the same problem would exist. Don't take a crappy situation and because a BlackBerry was involved blame it…

    2. Until Windows NT came along Unix was still a joke it was all Novel baby!! If Novel had not have failed so large trying to play catchup to Windows NT and a GUI they would still be in the lead!

  • Graham Gooch

    This was a RIM bug, it's documented. It took them over 6 months to fix a key bug. How does a company release a phone with buggy caller ID? See the same data works fine on an 8900 and older bold. It was only an issue with the 9700, anyway the new OS release on the 9700 fixed this issue. What I like about my bb is the email, and we travel to some pretty god forsaken places in the world and it mostly works. Other than that, it's increasingly a mediocre phone. Some things are personal opinions, for example I like the keyboard on the 8900, but the 9700 is a better phone, longer battery life and better UMA functionality.

    OK guy, we all do the battery pull, have you ever had a phone die on you when you're talking a Govt official and it takes 7 minutes to reboot and be functional again. Each minute seems like a year when it happens and it happens too often. I can't take complaints from people who dont' use the product, but it is the responsibility of users like us to request more. We are the customers of RIM, and if we shut up and bow to all the garbage they (sometimes) shove down arent' we just a stupid as the cappuccino drinking iphone hipster fanboys?

  • Caspan

    So who's bright idea was it to put delicate information on a SD card. People as so careless and that's why we have IT department because without us you would have done something worse then just losing a SD card on a Phone. Our security is the reason you still have a secure company with secrets to sell for!

  • Caspan

    It would also be bigger if Apple was not trying to skewing the data in their favor. Why don't Apple include the would in this chart.. Its because 28% starts to shrink when you include all the data.

  • Caspan

    Have you ever hard rebooted an iPhone after a serious crash? All phone are the same no matter who you go with and both side will have bad devices. You got a crappy device period. Same as car manufacturers, they make lemons sometimes. You cannot blame RIM for 1 lemon that you got, you should have taken it back asap and said it does nto work as advertised and received a new device.

  • Graham Gooch

    So, I was right you are an Admin. Perhaps you could help RIM and come up with a setting where the Radio cannot be turned off. If some wants to turn off the radio then the whole phone has to turned off. I realize, i might hate this in an airplane, but I will most likely have a laptop handy. Even email is turning out be joke, and I know of several people who have their email redirected to gmail etc. It's becoming so generic. Listen, im never surrendering my bb until someone comes up with a more reliable email system. But I predict, it's only a question of time before BB email becomes an application on an iphone or Nokia. It's bb email that rules, not the silly hw they call a phone.

  • Caspan

    I don't know how you would get around this other then encrypted data. They could just pull the battery and hook up to a computer later in a dead zone or if they are smart right to the memory chip. If you have sensitive data Encryption is the only answer. You need to tell your IT to turn on encryption on these devices and storage.

  • Donny

    The issue is NOT that RIM needs to change but how users need to implement security.
    BTW, if you're favoring Apple … recall that the OS is riding Darwin which implements FreeBSD which is UNIX. Coding can be done either by Objective-C or UNIX shell, Ruby, or Python.

  • Graham Gooch

    That's a great idea, see what happened was this… the Biz Dev guy replaced the copany SD card 4GB with a his own card i think it was 16GB. Primarily so that he could have some music on his device. I've auto lock setup on my BB and it times out in under 10 seconds. Most of the other users want a longer time out, primarily because of music. If you ask me the whole music app should be removed, these people can carry an ipod. Also it would be great if a replacement SD card could not be used on the device, is it possible to restrict the sd card (encrypted) to just one issued on the device?

  • Graham Gooch

    Adam, my friend uses a tool called shapewriter, android has something called swype. Google it. It's pretty fricking wild, and may actually turn the flat glass of a touch screen into an advantage. I tried it out the other day and it's sweet. Id switch to an iphone, but the BB email is so much better. The iphone requires internet access to get email, which the bb does not, that (in my opinion) is the only advantage bb has now.

  • Graham Gooch

    Rocks, makes my life easy. An expensive app though $60.00!

  • Caspan

    For sure BlackBerry is designed with security first (only if the user turns it on) if you go to this address (sorry Kyle other site link)

    It shows you how to encrypt both your SD card and your internal memory so it is useless to them. There are a couple of other things in there that are not to bad to follow.

  • Graham Gooch

    I agree, i was against the iphone, until the specs for the new one came out. Compared to the iphone, the HTC Incredible and evo, the BB is looking pretty lame. What RIM has going for it is great strength in enterprise. I somehow think RIm will get gobbled up , either by IBM or Microsoft, both of them have good presence in corporations and do email really well. My final prediction is that BB will become an email application inside another smartphone. Afterall not every place is going to have mobile internet access anytime soon.

  • Caspan

    BTW this can be enforced with BES so that no matter what media card the place in the device it is encrypted.

  • Caspan

    BTW this can be enforced with BES so that no matter what media card the place in the device it is encrypted.

  • Caspan

    Just wait for RIMs refresh coming up.. Screen res might be comparable….

  • Caspan

    Just wait for RIMs refresh coming up.. Screen res might be comparable….

  • Donny

    I disagree.
    you'll note something specific about the MicroSD cards. Since S60 on the Nokia E71, and the BlackBerry OS 4.2 you can Encrypt the MicroSD card to where the data can ONLY be viewed on that specific device; as I've previously stated.

    Unfortunately the ability to encrypt the MicroSD card via OTA or via BBDM via Least Cost Method cannot be done, yet. RIM is looking to enable this in the future.

  • Donny

    Look at Nokia's aging S60 platform .. that STILL has issues matching incoming numbers with Contact numbers no matter HOW you enter it. ITs been 10yrs+ bug still not fixed.

  • Caspan

    But you can specify that you want all content on your Micro SD encrypted correct? People who have data that is so sensitive should not be doing plug and play with their Micro SD cards. This is a work device if you want to put music on it pictures thats fine but lets say 8 GB is the card you get and you decide to buy a 16 GB card and install it. You can then encrypt the bigger card on your device.

    And if that is set then all content on cards should be encrypted that you insert or it should ask you. That setting is settable by BES to force content encryption.

  • Donny

    Bloomberg – supports 'Bloomberg Anywhere' (although the app is available to consumers that corporate Bloomberg Anywhere is really for traders and bankers of Capital Markets).
    Thompson Reuters – although video is available on the iPhone, the speed of article access and downloading of full articles within the app and switching from World News, Business, Technology, Markets, etc is STILL faster on BlackBerry. Just 1yr ago both applications consumed too much RAM that forced an exception crash. Now much improved.

    I have to concede here.

  • Graham Gooch

    Louis, what you point out is key. However to the best of my understanding. BBM works without the Internet (GPRS/EDGE/3G/etc). No other messenger can do that. Now, if RIM were smart, they would let other IM clients connect to their server and push IM to the BBM on the device. Imagine being able to BBM a person on Google Talk, Skype or Jabber from a place with no data access. That would rock. But then again RIM is not very creative.

  • Graham Gooch

    The whole problem is music. You see people had complained that the music transfer takes way too long over USB. So this guy had been removing his 16GB card, inserting it (via a card holder) into his laptop and simply transferring music to his device. Why he'd want to go through the pain of using the built in music player however is beyond me.

  • Eric at Ebscer

    I agree that the third party market will be significant when it comes to video conferencing. Although I think that the FaceTime api is public to the point where BlackBerry and Android version may be possible (obviously Apple isn't going to take the lead on that)…