Review: Blur Racing for BlackBerry


Blur Racing for BlackBerry is a mobile racing game based on a console racing game by Bizarre Creations- the studio who produced the now-legendary Geometry Wars series on Xbox 360. Blur is a racing game with lots of power-ups and different modes of play. The style of play reminds me of a lot of destruction-style race games in which it’s just as valuable to be leading the pack, as it is to be destroying or damaging other cars.

Power-ups explained

RED Shunt - This is the main forward firing weapon. It’s somewhat slow but it will catch up to and disable a car that is ahead of you.

GREEN Nitro - Get a big boost of speed with the Nitro power-up. You’ll be racing in the foreground of the game which makes it easier to pick up oncoming power-ups too.

BLUE Shock - This is an area-based weapon that you can use on any car that’s in close range. This is great when you’re coming up to a big pack of cars, you can go from 6th to 2nd place with a well-place shock.

YELLOW Shield - This gives you about 10 seconds of invincibility in which you can crash into other cars and deflect weapons fired against you. If I’m in the lead, I also use the shield power-up to make sure nothing goes wrong in the final seconds of the race.

ORANGE Repair - This power-up replenishes a small amount of hit points. If your life bar is low, you’ll need a lot of them.

General Impressions

If Mario Kart was created with kids in mind, Blur was styled for adult tastes. With bright neon-colored power-ups and real-world car models to race with, Blur defines a genre of casual racing without cuteness.

I like how Blur handles mobile racing. With less of an emphasis on speeding through the turns and more focus on the ruction of other cars makes it the ideal mobile racer. I find that traditional mobile racers focus on turns and speed, making it a skill game which is tough to play on a mobile keypad. Blur is designed to be a finesse game in which you can still finish first even if you make a couple of mistakes.

I give Blur 4 stars out of a possible 5. I strongly recommend playing Blur to your own soundtrack. It adds so much to the game when a real song is playing in the background, console style, as opposed to the bleeps and bloops that a Java game typically generates.

Blur Racing is $6.99.

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