PrivacyStar by First Orion with Crowdsourced Data to Block Spam Calls


First Orion announced an update to its popular PrivacyStar app for BlackBerry. PrivacyStar is a call blocking and reverse caller lookup app that now features SmartBlock, a service that takes the top blocked numbers from amongst PrivacyStar subscribers and proactively blocks them across its entire user base. PrivacyStar also features a new Do Not Disturb function that allows users to redirect callers to their voicemail while simultaneously sending them a text message acknowledging their call.

The three major updates are:

Do Not Disturb with custom text message - when you enable Do Not Disturb, you can choose to have a custom text sent to anyone who calls you. Your phone will not ring but they will be automatically responded to via text.

SmartBlock - When you enable “SmartBlock” PrivacyStar will use crowdsourced data to automatically block the top 25 blocked numbers from PrivacyStar users. The list is updated every week.

Sharing - PrivacyStar users will be able to share the numbers of nuisance callers with family and friends via email as well as add that number to their Privacy List (list of blocked numbers).

PrivacyStar are also sharing some data from their app including current stats from PrivacyStar users as of 6/7/2010:

Total Lookup Count: 1,409,292
Total Blocked Numbers Count: 207,903
Total Complaints Count: 37,636

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