BBGPSGolf - A Free BlackBerry GPS Golf Application


BBGPSGolf is a free app that has a really decent feature set and is very community-focused. The app was built so the user community can map out their own local golf courses on the web site with Google or Bing maps, and in about a year and a half the database has grown to over 10k full mapped golf courses.

BBGPSGolf is at version 1.0.18 and has the following features:

  • Create your course on the BBGPSGolf web site and play the newly created course later the same day
  • Search for course by name or by GPS Location
  • Front, Middle, Back of the green with up to 5 optional GPS points per Hole.
  • Comments along with the hole par on each Hole.
  • Download the courses from my web site
  • Download the courses from a local SD card or BlackBerry Device Memory (so no network connection is required but some basic computer and xml file knowledge does help a lot)
  • I have a Score Card build into the application
  • You can record stats (GIR/SS/Putts/Fairways)
  • Suggest a Golf Club
  • Mark Golf shot
  • Auto hole advance
  • Logging for bug reporting
  • Golf Distance application (allows you to hit lots of golf balls from one location, and then mark the end for all of them to tell you your average, max and min for that golf club)

This free app has an extensive feature set and surely it won’t be free for much longer. Pick up a copy now and send in some feedback to help make the app better.

Download BBGPSGolf OTA with this link.

Download BBGPSGolf for a desktop side load here.

Speaking of Golf apps - if anyone knows of an app that lets you tweet your drives, please leave in the comments.