Rogers on Demand Mobile App for BlackBerry Now Available

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The FIFA World Cup 2010 games kickoff today and the Rogers on Demand Mobile App for BlackBerry is also now available for customers with a BlackBerry 9000, 9100 or 9700 via the Rogers mobile portal. For a one time fee of $10, the app lets you live stream every World Cup game as well as get recaps and highlights. After the initial $10 fee, the app costs $5/month to use.

Head over to the Rogers mobile portal and download the app at

  • Toronto Wireless
    does this app use up your data, or is it free once you pay for the service
  • Cronicgfunk420
    Do you honestly thing Rogers will give ya anything for free????
  • sansaman
    As per Rogers, no data usage will be charged for using the application. Call and find out for yourself.
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