Unsupported BlackBerry Storm and Tours on T-Mobile Losing Service


A lot of users are reporting that their BlackBerry Storm and Tours are no longer running on the T-Mobile network, and some have asked us to republish this story. Currently, T-Mobile does not support the Storm or Tour, but some users are running unlocked devices on the network. While many users are suggesting this is an attempt to lock out unsupported devices on the network, the real reason is probably much more simple. What likely happened is that the service books that allow certain devices to run on the T-Mobile network were updated improperly, killing a subset of devices. Stay tuned because they’ll like solve this issue shortly.

  • JNsince85

    Thanks for posting this story. This issue has been frustrating for a large portion of the BlackBerry community. I hope your rite about your outlook on the situation and them fixing the problem shortly, but Its been almost a week and no resolution or even a official statement from T-mobile or RIM. I'm thinking about jumping ship from T-Mobile & BlackBerryOS altogether.

  • Arun Ahuja

    its not just tmobile… its a few gsm networks worldwide facing the same issue…. i'm on vodafone in india facing the same issue along with a few other unlocked storm indian users.

    i wonder what could be made of this?

  • JNsince85

    Could it be possible that RIM is actually behind this outage?

  • Chris

    Im glad to see im not the only one. I though I really did something to mess up my phone. GRRRR this is so frustrating.

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