Kik Updates with iPhone Support and Improved UI and Battery Usage

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Kik let users know that they have updated their IM client (and soon to be music sharing service) to support iPhone, allowing for more cross-platform usage. The app also has an Android version on the way which will make the app even more ubiquitous. Kik for BlackBerry has also been updated with the following:

• Improved the UI
• Made it even easier to invite others to join Kik
• Improved reliability
• Reduced battery usage

There isn’t much news about the music sharing service but it’s definitely going to be the killer feature when it launches. It seems Kik is more interested in building a user base right now.

Download Kik in BlackBerry App World.

  • Tera Dargavel

    Hey - I’m Tera, I’m the online Community Manager for Kik. I just want to say thanks for the great coverage! What sets Kik apart from plain old SMS-ing is that these messages are sent in real-time, with read receipts, so it’s a lot more similar to instant messaging (or BBM). Also, it’s great for texting to the US without paying extra. We’re very interested right now in what people think about the ability to text non-Kik users and how they view the 50 free credits in outgoing SMS a month.

    Here’s a more recent YouTube video showing the iPhone application in action
    Check it out and let me know what you think!

  • Caspan

    They want me to pay for this? I thought most people have text plans for $5 from their provider? I didn't think there was room in the market for something that is more or less SMSing (all phones no matter what platform can do) to a KIk to kik which you pay for but not all platforms have… humm I don't think so.

  • Ted

    Ted from Kik.

    Caspan, you're right, we messed up our marketing. Really this is just “BBM, cross platfrom”, and the SMS is only added in as a nice to have.

    Love BBM but want to talk to iPhone (and soon Android)? Then this is for you, and is 100% forever free.


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