Mr Number Free Crowd-Sourced Caller ID App with 250,000 Users

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Mr. Number is a mobile caller ID and contact backup app that just announced 250,000 registered users and a new version for BlackBerry devices that can identify telemarketers automatically. Mr Number will back up all of your numbers (including PINs) and you can move them to any supported phone if you lose or break your device.

Mr. Number is a crowd-sourced caller ID app. When you get calls and texts from numbers that you don’t recognize, Mr. Number members tell you who it is. The app gives you free caller ID in return for letting it check caller ID results for other members in your address book. Right now Mr. Number can identify about 70% of unknown numbers.

Mr Number is available in App World for free.

  • Gwen
    I lost all my contacts what shall I do?
  • Tom
    More like Mr Big Brother!
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