Poynt Updated with TELUS Live Search Agent Feature

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Multiplied Media has partnered with TELUS to add a new Live Search Agent feature to the Poynt application. TELUS will provide live agents to assist Poynt users if a business listing they were searching comes back without any results. The TELUS feature gives the user the option to talk to an agent to find the listing and push the found results back into Poynt.

The downside to this feature is that it costs $0.99 each time you use the live search agent feature. It’s not clear why anyone would use the feature versus simply putting the details into Google or getting the results from another online service. This new feature will help create more database listings for Poynt, as one would assume that when the results are sent back to Poynt, those results are available to all users. In a way, this new feature seems like paid crowd-sourcing to grow the database.

Download the latest version of Poynt from their site.

  • Tom
    New version does not appear to be available yet.
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