Game Review: Batman: Guardian of Gotham for BlackBerry


Batman: Guardian of Gotham is a rail-based shooter for BlackBerry by Glu. The object is to take out the enemies on-screen by throwing Battarangs, and to weaken, then tie up stronger enemies using a special takedown maneuver which you have to charge. When there are lots of enemies on-screen you can execute a Battarang combination by tapping the direction of the next target.

The game plays like a tactical mobile shooter. You have to size up all the enemies and the projectiles they throw at you and take them out in the right order. The timing of the Battarang combos is tricky and takes about as much skill as serving a smoking ball in Wii Tennis. The game is generally difficult and takes great hand-eye coordination to advance to the later levels. Your assessment of what to attack first must be mostly error-free.

Like everything done by Glu, the graphics, menus, midi-like background music and overall presentation is spot on. Gameplay was very difficult past the 2nd level and could have used some more easier levels to learn specific skills like takedowns and Battarang combos, and maybe to throw casual players a bone like an easy boss level that’s still epic to fight.

I give Batman: Guardian of Gotham for BlackBerry a 3.5 out of 5. It would have easily been a 4.5 if the learning curve wasn’t something that you’d have to have Batman’s training to handle.

  • Steven Hartly

    thisis an easy game i bought it and beat it in 2 hours

  • Anime

    The Game looks pretty boring…and not to mention easy, I think I'll pass on playing it.

  • sony playstation network card

    The game is all about Batman throwing boomerangs and evil villains that appear on the screen. You do not actually control Batman just throw boomerangs. It looks more like a shot to the first. The frame rate is fine on my Bold 9700 no choppiness whatsoever.

  • nike sb batman

    After watching Batman and Robin again, I have to give the edge to Forever, which is at least entertainingly bad 90% of the time. B&R is just agonizing to sit through aside from Schwarzenegger’s gloriously awful performance and John Glover gleefully hamming it up for a few minutes.