ParkVu Announces Music WithMe to Wirelessly Sync iTunes Playlist


ParkVu has announced the launch of their Music WithMe app for BlackBerry that allows you to wirelessly sync your iTunes playlists to your BlackBerry. The app does this over a WiFi or cell connection and automatically updates your playlists when you make changes on your desktop. This app runs in the background and works with the native media player so you can store and play your tracks as usual.

The app comes in 2 components: a desktop app that currently only runs on Windows (Mac soon to follow) and an app that you purchase in App World and sits on your device. The app currently costs $14.99 and comes with a 30 day free trial.

We’ll have a review of Music WithMe up in the near future so stay tuned.

  • Caspan

    So does this Sync the music or just the play list? If all it does is the play list its cool but you would have to have the same songs on your BlackBerry. If it syncs all the music to your phone… well that f'in rocks… And did I read right that it can sync over cell? I have over 24 GB of music and that would sync over the cell network? Also is there a way to say only sync over wireless?

  • Thsbballpro32

    It syncs all of the music in those selected playlists