BlackBerry Shield Features and Images Leaked


BlackBerry Shield is an interesting program that will be really beneficial to BlackBerry users everywhere. The service is centered around helping users find their lost or stolen devices. This sort of service is available to enterprise users through companies such as Zenprise, as well as it’s already available to consumers through companies such as SmrtGuard. Actually, it’s sort of strange how incredibly similar BlackBerry Shield and SmrtGuard are. Hit up after the jump for more features and images.

Features of BlackBerry Shield include:

  • Remote Device Wipe - Users will be able to remove all data from the device and memory card remotely
  • Display ‘Lost & Found’ - Information to display on screen should the device be lost or stolen
  • Remote Password - Ability to remotely set a password for the device
  • Device Tracking - Remotely track your device via GPS
  • Remote Backup - Backup/restore of the device data

From the recent leaks, we’re hearing that there will be a web and mobile interface. Overall, this service is going to be really helpful to all users and will provide BlackBerry with a competitive advantage over the other smartphones.

  • Donny

    Ever since the first inkling of news about BlackBerry Shield leaked out I've been STOKED at just how much more it would offer consumers beyond the iPhone. After the analyst volley of volatility from investment funds, etc.

    Could this allow for corporations and BES Administrators to track mobile assets and possible thefts from employees that have recently been let go that don't return corporate own products? Large business field staff have cuts in expenses when non-reported locations have nothing to do with meetings, purchases, sales, etc.

    Oh yeah, this will be huge and I always wonder what took RIM so long. The BIG concern/question is what if someone is using an OS 4.6+ device goes to an OS 5/6 device then back again? Or going from OS 5 to OS 6 device which is damaged and goes to a loaner/backup running OS 5 then hardware upgrades back into OS 6. Which OS will be supported and what happens from a local desktop backup sync to retrieve specific database data to be archived and restored into say an OS 6 only supported “shielded” device?? BIG questions for a BIG roll out.

  • electronic display

    Hit up after the jump for more features and images.