Gym Technik Updated with Facebook and Twitter Integration


Gym Technik has upgraded their app with Facebook and Twitter integration, which makes a lot of sense for a gym app. One of the most important elements of a good gym app is motivation and social networks help a lot in this regard. With social integration, it’s very obvious if you have missed a few days at the gym or you’re lagging behind. Gym Technik have a great community behind the app, and social network integration extends this further.

Here are some specifics about the update:

  • Facebook Connect - Share your fitness progress with your friends on Facebook. Gym Technik automatically posts to your Facebook wall each time you start/end workouts and when you gain muscle or lose weight.
  • Twitter Auto-Tweet - Tweet your fitness progress to your followers on Twitter. Gym Technik automatically tweets your progress each time you start/end workouts and when you gain muscle or lose weight.
  • Specific Instructions For A Day - Need unique workout instructions for certain days? You can now override the general workout instructions by entering them directly on the calendar for that day.
  • Workout Preview On Calendar - Working out at home using Gym Technik Online? You can now view the instructions on the workout you’re performing directly from the calendar as you enter the stats Online.
  • Bug Fixes - Reported bugs have been fixed in this upgrade. If you hit a bug please send us a note at

To update your app, hit the upgrade link in the app or point your browser to and follow the instructions.