Rumor: Verizon LTE BlackBerry Storm 3 to Feature Unique OS


The BlackBerry Storm 3 specs are very much a rumor right now but there are a few interesting talking points worth mentioning. The major rumors here are that the Storm 3 will feature upwards of 1GB of flash memory, a 1GHz processor, a new OS (not OS 6 but rather an OS on its own) and it could be one of the first LTE devices on Verizon’s upgraded network.

Other rumors about the Storm 3 include:

  • Tested in a very private beta to prevent leaks.
  • Currently disguised as a Storm2 in case an engineer gets drunk and leaves it at a bar.
  • 8GB internal memory.
  • Lots of personalization and the ability to run widgets.
  • The screen will be something we haven’t seen yet. It could be a Synaptics touchscreen that would make for a much “lighter” touch experience.

So far it sounds like the new Storm is going to be something very different than its predecessors. Hopefully this new OS is something that will mean more apps, usability and overall a better end user experience.

  • Rmjones

    If it does have its own unique OS, that would be a nightmare for S3 users as it will be eons and ages before any decent apps are developed for it. S1 users suffered enough from a fragmented OS structure at release. To throw in yet another OS version for developers to support would be ugly.

  • JBascu

    I completely agree with Rmjones, I prefer Blackberry 6 or coming OS on a future Storm, now that we will have more than one tactile BB it's time to take advantage for this in order to have more apps for touchs screens.

  • brad

    Also agree, another OS and a super-private beta means even less initial developers to work on apps for it.

  • Eric at Ebscer

    Love the specs (although it would be nice to see it match the iPhone4's screen resolution), but have to say that fragmenting the OS is not a good idea (especially after bringing everyone together on OS5)…

    Quickly adopting LTE will be a good move for RIM…

  • BBLover

    release OS6 and better that instead of makeing a WHOLE NEW OS wtf

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